New rally obedience titles for Ninja and Isi

2017-05-05T11:07:40+00:00October 30th, 2015|News 2015|
Today I had entered Ninja in rally-O class 1 and Isi in rally-O class 2 in Drammen. They both needed one more 1.prize in their classes to qualify for the RL1 (rally obedience 1) and RL2 (rally obedience 2) respectively. And both girls made me very proud and did a great job. The indoor hall was very noisy and there were a lot of dogs, and despite some minor faults, Ninja recieved 185 points of 200, and Isi 186 points of 200. Ninja will now only listen to the name RL1 Wayosi Chattahoochee and Isi is now RL1 RL2 BH D’ Isolde von de Drift 🙂