Lure coursing with Fia and Ninja

2018-01-01T17:56:47+00:00November 6th, 2015|News 2015|

A while ago we found out that ridgebacks would be allowed to join lure coursing (LC) training arranged by a sighthound group in our area, and so we entered both Fia and Ninja. Both girls are very eager to run and chase, so we thought they would find this meaningful. And they sure did! Both girls chased the lure like they had never done anything else, and had a blast! Fia probably found the meaning with life in this sport, and she was more than eagerly following the other dogs from the side line. We had a super day, and will definitely do this again if we get the chance 🙂 Two videos of Ninja and Fia running can be seen under. More photos here

 MLH0523  MLH0508  MLH0577  MLH0654