Nordic Winner Show 2015 in Stockholm

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This weekend Ninja and I stepped on the express train to Stockholm for a weekend together with Hanna and Maggie, as well as Nordic Winner Show. Ninja behaved like an angel during our travel, even though the train was almost 2 hours delayed. So proud! On Saturday we had booked an indoor dog training hall and got to train some obedience, agility and show training. After this, Hanna surprised me with appointment with a photographer , and we got to take a lot of wonderful photos of our dogs! Thank you so much Hanna! You can see all the photos here

On Sunday, the Nordic winner show was on our schedule. Ninja had her last entry in junior class, and managed to get excellent and was placed as #2 with CQ. Maggie was also rewarded excellent, and was placed as #3 with CQ in a large open class. Only class winners was picked to compete for best male/female class. After the show we headed for the central station and jumped on the train back to Norway, this time on schedule. And Ninja was still well behaved, and so did even the other dog people on the train complement on 🙂

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