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Working Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2015!

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The Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club has a list over ridgebacks that attends different dog sport competitions, to motivate owners to train and compete with their dogs. Rhodesian Ridgeback is not the easiest dog to train and compete with, as they always has their own will and own way of doing things 😉 But I think it is wonderful to see that people are trying their best, and that they enter their dogs to competitions. In 2015 there was 23 ridgebacks that had attended one or more dogs sports as obedience, rally obedience, nordic working trials, agility or field tracking in Norway, and each sport has it’s own “best of” list. There are as well an “most versatile” list, where you compete with the best result obtained in each dog sport, and the dogs are ranked after how many dog sports they have attended, and how many points in total. I’m proud to say that we had 3 dogs on the lists, and I hope we have even more in 2016! Sheriff is by far the oldest dog on this list, and I am proud to see his name as #9 on the Rally Obedience list of 2015, wit only 3 starts. Not bad for the old man! 🙂

Wayosi Chattahoochee ~ Ninja:
– 3rd Most Versatile RR 2015
– 8th best Rally Obedience dog

Kuzonga’s Cheriff ~ Sheriff
– 13th Most Versatile RR 2015
– 9th best Rally Obedience dog

Wayosi Baby Can’t Drive ~ Nixon
– 14th Most Versatile RR 2015
– 3rd best Rally Obedience dog


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We welcome 7 new puppies after Sheriff!

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We are happy to announce the arrival of 7 little (big!) wonders (3 males, 4 females) from wonderful Oppigårdens Hjärter Ess (Lai), sired by our grand old man Kuzonga’s Cheriff ~ Sheriff, after natural mating at the age of 10,5 years old ❤
All puppies seems correct so far, and we also have one livernosed female. Looking forward to see them grow up! Congratulations to Eva Bryntse at Oppigårdens kennel with this litter!


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First dog show of the year

2017-05-05T11:01:03+00:00January 11th, 2016|News 2016|

Last week Ninja and I jumped in the car and drove to Gothenburg to attend MyDog dog show Thursday and Friday. In Gothenburg we met up with Ninja’s mother Maggie and her owner Hanna. We had 2 very nice days together, and also got to meet Maggies sister Juno and her owners Emma and Sebastian! Thank you for the lovely dinner! 🙂 

Maggie recieved Excellent both days, for 2 very strict judges. She was also placed as number 2 in open class with CQ both days. Ninja received Very Good the first day, and Excellent 2 with CQ the next day. Both girls behaved perfectly the whole time, being calm and well behaved during the hotel stay and at the show ground, and that makes me very happy 🙂 

 MLH1140  MLH1332  MLH1301  MLH1083

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