Welcome to Norway, Pippi!

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In 2015 I came across a planned litter that contained some lines I had been curious about for some time, and my good friend Hanna said “why don’t you buy a puppy?” So I kept a close eye on the combination, and as time went by the idea seemed less and less crazy. Lucky for me, the breeder Hanka Pankova was interested in sending a puppy to Norway, and 2 days before Christmas, I went to Prague, Czech to take a look at the puppies. I got a warm welcome by the breeder and her family, and I was very impressed by the lovely temperament of the dogs in the house, who are mother, auntie and grandmother of the puppies. So the decision was easy; this was lines I wanted to include in my kennel. There was especially one little special puppy that caught my eye, with her dark eyes and confident personality. So it had to be her, no matter what! Filippa Rouge Qwandoya is her name, and she is after Bayo´s Diamond for Qwandoya and Aston Martin Cieply Dom. Her pedigree consists of Scandinavian, American, Canadian, South African and Czech lines, many of them new to me. I want to thank Hanka Pankova at Qwandoya kennel for the trust in sending her to me, and to Nikola Pankova for keeping her safe for me until she was old enough to enter Norway.

As I wanted her to have a strong name, I decided to call her after another strong personality, Pippi Longstocking. So Pippi is her call name, and she seems to live up to that name 🙂 Welcome to Norway Pippi, we can’t wait to get to know you better! 

Ninja joined me to pick her up, and with her self assured and calm temper, she was a great support for Pippi on her long journey home to Norway. 

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