The Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress

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The last 4 years I have worked with the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress 2016 in Lund, Sweden together with the rest of the RRWC16 committee from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. As we were only ladies in this committee, it has been a real “girl power” committee, and even though we are all different personalities, we have worked very well together, and we are very proud of what we have managed to pull trough! On the website you can follow the entire planning of the congress, and the entire program we put together as well as the congress program, are published and open for everyone to take part of. 

We had over 200 participants, from over 20 different countries, from all over the world and the congress hotel Scandic Star Lund was filled with rhodesian ridgeback enthusiasts the whole week. From what we experienced everyone was having a great time, discussing important topics and socializing with people that shares the same interests. I couldn’t imagine spending my vacation in a better way! 

Pippi and Ninja joined us at the congress, and I am thrilled with how these young girls behaved throughout the event. They spent quietly the days in the hotel room, making no noice and just relaxing, and joining me for a long walk in the nearby forest during the early mornings or late afternoon. Afterwards they politely followed me in the hotel lobby, cuddling with other people and steeling a small taste of some local beer from the low sofa tables in the lobby. They also attended the Norwegian and Swedish congress shows, showing themselves nicely.

Sheriff’s young son Fimbe (Oppigårdens Fimbul), brother to our own Penny, won the puppy class at the congress show in Sweden with a lovely critique, and became a little mascot of the congress with his sweet and loving personality, and his perfect size that fitted every lap perfectly 🙂 

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