New working results for the Wayosies

2017-05-05T10:47:05+00:00October 28th, 2016|News 2016|

Since our last updates on working trials, we have gotten some new titles! Tesla and Nixon now has earned their RL1 title for taking 3 1.prizes in rally obedience class 1, and Ninja earned her RL2 title for taking 3 1.prizes in rally obedience class 2. Nala has gotten 2 1.prizes in RL1, and just need one more 1.prize for her RL1 title. Maggie earned her SEVCH (swedish blood tracking champion) title after taking 3 1.prizes in blood tracking.

I entered Ninja in RL3 at a competition in Eidsvoll, but because we had not trained much on the class 3 exercises I didn’t even expect to come around the course without being disqualified to to many repetitions or faulty execution. But Ninja had a lot of fun in the ring, and we almost knew all the exercises and we managed to get a 2.prize and was placed as #2 in the class! The day after we attended LP1 (obedience class 1), and without the biggest energy and motivation, I was quite happy with our 3.prize, only a few points from a 2.prize.

Nixon has also made us very proud, and has become approved as a visitor dog in the Norwegian Red Cross!