Last show of the year

2017-07-04T21:38:44+00:00December 30th, 2016|News 2016|

December 28 and 29 we attended the last show of the year in Norway. I had entered Pippi, Chaco and Allie, and in addition Nala was entered. 

First out was Pippi who had her debut in junior class, and she showed her self in a super way, standing like she had never done other and was happy and alert as only Pippi can be. She was rewarded excellent and won the class, but did not get an CQ due to the judge wanted her color to be a little clearer. But that’s the color Pippi is.. 

Nala was entered in intermediate class, and did a great figure as always. She runs with super contact to her owner Caroline, so it’s not difficult to see that she is obediance trained 😉 Nala received an very good with a nice critique, but at the moment she is very unmature in her body, and she is also a very elegant female on the smaller side. But she is always happy and self confident in the ring, and has no problems with being checked by the judge, or with the other dogs. She is such a sweet girl! 

The next day we had the Airedales entered. Chaco was first out in intermediate class, and this was also his first entry to an official show. He did a great figure, and even if his show training are very limited he behaved like a pro and got excellent with CQ and was placed as best male 2 behind an champion. This gave us our first national CAC, which made me really proud of our young monkey Chaco! The judge Per Kristian Andersen also said that he would become a really nice male when maturing even more, and I was happy to hear that. In addition Chaco really showed his superb temperament by calmly laying down on the floor while people and other dogs where walking past him. He is so cool in his head, and has such a sweet character towards both people and other dogs. 

Next up was Allie, also in intermediate class and also first show entry. She was a little to intense and interested in the treats, so she was jumping a little bit during movement, and had a little struggle with standing still in front of the judge. But bearing in mind she have had one training session before, I have to say that she impressed me! She was awarded excellent, but the judge wanted her to mature more. But he also said that she had some good qualities, and would become a good looking dog with age. Her coat was not in super show condition at the moment, but hopefully my grooming skills develops slightly during the spring 😉