Our G-litter it’s on it’s way and are due around July 20th. The dam of the litter are our own Ninja, and the father is the Austrian male Zurimahali Fumo Red. You can read more about the planned litter and view pedigree and information about parents here

The pedigree consists of genetically valuable lines thru the old lines behind Fumo, which is also one of the biggest reasons we choose to do this combination. With this, we hope to maintain as high genetic variation as possible. On top of this, both Fumo and Ninja are easy going and social dogs, they have a great temperament with strong nerves and are easy to train and work with. They are off course healthy as can be, and we for sure hope that the puppies will be as great companions as their parents!

The photos of Ninja are taken at day 50 of pregnancy, and we are looking forward to see what’s hiding inside her belly!