The puppies are 43 days old today, and now they are really developing! For every day they become more and more agile, and they are expressing more and more of their personalities. I haven’t finished the puzzle as for who is having which puppy yet, because they have so far been very similar in temperament, and I need to get to know them even better to lay the puzzle. At the moment I have 1 male available, which we are looking for the perfect home to. It might also be 1 female available, but it all depends on how she develops the next weeks. But you are welcome to contact us, if you think you are the perfect home for our precious jewels. Read more about our requirements for puppy buyers

I am very satisfied with this litter. They are happy and sweet tempered, and loves people and cuddles. They are exploring our house and the outside without hesitating, and seems unafraid and curious. They have already been visiting my mothers garden, and they have been driving in car several times already and thrives in the car! They are easy going and are not very noisy or demanding for our attenntion, but are exploring and relaxing by them own. At this point, I couldn’t be more happy with them!