Saturday 3/9-2011  – 56 days old

The puppies are 8 weeks old today, and the first two is leaving us to start their new lives. Miss White – Wayosi Another Sunny Day “Juno” is leaving us to live with Emma and Sebastian and the ridgeback Stella, outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Mister Red – Wayosi Ambitions by Cheriff “Leon” is leaving us to live with Gry and Pål and their 2 children in Maura, Norway. I wish them all the best in the future, and I am very happy that these 2 will have active and dedicated homes!

In the last couple of weeks we have been taking the puppies out on all sorts of adventures. We have taken they in the car every other day, and they are now completely still and lays down to sleep when we drive. I think they like to spend time in the car now. We have been taking them to our friends and family, and I was always surprised to see how outgoing and self-confident they were in every situation. They have been at the lake near us to explore nature and water, and they just loved it.

Last Tuesday we had a judge here to test the puppies with PAT-test (puppy aptitude test), and the result was just wonderful! The puppies were all outgoing and social, curious, showed no dominance or fear and was not afraid of any sounds. They were very playful and showed a lot of interest in objects. The judge and audience said that it shouldn’t be any mental problems with these puppies, but if I were going to have some of them back, it’s because of their high activity-level! 😉 I got so much positive feedback from my friends in our working-dog association, and they were all very surprised to see these little puppies acting the way they do, because this is not the way they are used to see the Rhodesian Ridgeback on courses, at the veterinary etc. So I am really proud that this combination, up until now, have turned out the way I had hoped. So now I cross my fingers for the rest of their life’s, and hope for healthy, happy and beautiful dogs.

A lot of new photo albums have been published, as well as 8-weeks stacked photos.


Friday 19/8-2011  – 41 days old

The days are flying away now, and the entire day is used to care for the puppies. Each day they get to come out alone for 15 minutes, and I am very proud to see how their mentality is like. They are all very outgoing, social and curious, and always run around with their tail held high with a lovely attitude. They have a lot of instincts for playing, fighting with a pull or chains (!!) and they love to steel shoes and carry them around. They are a active little bunch, that would like it to be action all the time. They for sure let’s us know when they want something to happen! 🙂

Sheriff doesn’t quite know how to handle the little monsters, so he mostly stays out of the way. Isi on the other hand loves the puppies, and are the best play-aunt. Kiwi does her best to correct and educate the puppies, and she is doing a good job, and gets better at it each day!

New photos from last week here and new individual photos from day 49 (7 weeks ) here.


Friday 19/8-2011  – 41 days old

Oops.. And the time flew! The puppies are starting to become small little monsters now! We have 10 little aliens in the puppybox right now, and they manage to make the total mess in only few minutes! 🙂 But I love the fact that they are so wonderfully social, they have a lot of curiosity, and a lots and lots of play and interest for tugs and pulls. I am very happy with this litter, they are all I ever wanted! They seem to be great mentally, but they also look very good exterior wise. They are all very type-like, and their exterior qualities harmonize. I can’t wait to see these little wonders in the showring in the future!

We have found some amazing homes to our wonders, but we still have 2 correct livernosed males that are looking for a good, lasting and active home. This boys are 2 active boys, with a super attitude towards everything and everyone. I think they will be suited for both exterior and showing!

They destroyed their first and second set of collars, so we try again… Miss White, who became Miss Beige, is now Miss White again.. Mister Yellow is now Mister Brown. Difficult?? Yes, I know! 😉

We took the puppies in the car for the first time 2 days ago, and drove to my mothers house. She had made the best puppy-garden there, and all of her dogs toys were lying on the grass. It was doggy-heaven for the little monsters, and I think they had the best time of their 5 weeks old life! 🙂

See a lot of new pictures from day 38 here and a lot of lovely photos of the puppies playing in my mothers garden day 39 here.


Friday 12/8-2011  – 34 days old

I just can’t believe that the puppies soon are 5 weeks old already! Even though I know our puppies have fantastic new owners, I would miss the little devils to death!

They are getting more and more like little dogs every day and they all have the most fantastic personalities. Today our little “fatso” Miss Beige, was the first to climp the opening in the puppy-box, and she run around on the kitchen and the entrance with her tail held high and lots and lots off attitude!

They have spend many hours outside today, and they have tried all the new “objects” in the puppy-garden. They heard the lawnmower for the first time, and they run towards the fence to figure out what this sound was. A bunch of happy and curious puppies for sure!

We will publish 5 weeks stacked photos on Sunday, but here are som photos from day 33 and day 34.


Saturday 6/8-2011  – 28 days old

The puppies are 4 weeks old today, and I can’t believe they are leaving us in 4 weeks. They are developing so fast from day to day, and we see big differences every day. Today we have taken the very first stacked photos of our 10 wonders, and I think it went quite well. It was the first time stacking so small puppies for me, and the first time Børge had to take photos and tell me if it looked good or not. He had a steep learning curve! 🙂

They also got their second deworming and we weighed them. Miss Pink and Mister Grey have been the smallest ones since birth, and they weighed 2,9 kg now, while all the others weighed between 3,3 kg and 3,4 kg. The biggest one was Miss Beige (former Miss White) who weighed 3,5 kg. She is big, but I guess it is because of her very developed awareness of food!

The puppies have been outside for several hours today, and they are expanding their horizon every day. Today some of them was all round the puppy-garden, and some of them stretched out in full gallop the way puppies do it in this age. So cute!

See the individual photos here and mixed photos here.


Wednesday 3/8-2011  – 25 days old

A bunch of new pictures can bee seen here and here. All the photo albums are linked from the A-litter page.  The lightning destroyed our internet-connection a couple of days ago, so I haven’t been able to update our homepage for a couple of days.

We are now starting to get some more routine on things, for example feeding, cleaning, cutting nails etc. The puppies gets food 3 times a day now, and Kiwi gives them milk when they are hungry. Poor little girl is sore on her nipples because the puppies teeth are growing and they are quite rough on her.

We take the puppies out every day now, but it is very warm outside, so they need to be in the shadow. They are out for 30 – 60 minutes and they love it. Especially Isi loves to bee with the puppies outside, and she is laying next to them all the time and try to play with them. They are a little to small to understand her play-invites, but  soon I think she will have 10 piraia’s hanging on her legs and tail! 🙂 It’s so beautiful to see how kind Kiwi is, and that she have let Isi be around the puppies from they were 2 weeks old. Kiwi have welcomed every visitor to see her puppies, and she have never shown stress or anxiety towards our handling of the puppies. The perfect little mommy!

Sheriff and Børge have been to the mountain for 1 week now, and just a few hour after they left a week ago, Kiwi started to bark more at sounds from the outside than she had used to. It quickly become clear to me that she had taken over Sheriff’s guarding-duty! 🙂 When he wasn’t her to take care of things, she had to step in. So when Sheriff arrived home yesterday, Kiwi stopped guarding and let him get is old job back. So funny to see! 🙂

Sheriff has had a great week with all the attention circulating around him, just as he likes it! So when he got home yesterday, it was almost like he wanted to go back to the mountain when he saw all the puppies! 🙂 But it was good to have my boys home again!


Saturday 30/7-2011  – 21 days old

We have taken individual photos of the puppies today, which can bee seen here and some mixed photos here. They are growing fast, and I see more and more of their personality every day. Some of they are very curious and active, while others are more calm and don’t have the same curiosity. Yet…  But everyone seems very straight forward and they seek company by people and often fall a sleep next to our visitors.

We have tried to feed them wet dry-food twice today, and only some of they wants it. Kiwi has quite a lot of milk, so I think they still get what they need from her. We have made a puppy-garden outside with the help from my father, and it turned out great! A lot of space, but not too much, entrance to our veranda and grass, bushes and other exiting stuff. Now the puppies can spend their days outside when the weather is good.

The life in the puppy-box are quiet before the storm! 🙂


Thursday 28/7-2011  – 19 days old

There have been a lot of change in just two days! From one hour to the next, the puppies went from sleeping beauties to awake little monsters! 🙂

They now run/waggle around, play with each other, bark and growl and throws themselves at us when we enter the box. And this at 19 days, I can only guess how it would be like in 2 weeks!

They tried meat for the first time, wich they absolutely loved. Then we tried puppy-food, and they loved that to. So now they get a little puppy-food in addition and they eat well and almost fell a sleep in the food. They are so cute!

They got their first deworming today, and they thought it tasted very funny. But they quickly fell a sleep again. We took them outside for the first time time today, and they walked around with their tail held high, and then felt a sleep in the shadow. Isi was thrilled to see the puppy outside the box, and Kiwi did not mind that Isi were smelling and trying to play with the puppies. She would be the perfect reserve-mom for the puppies!

Sheriff has traveled to the mountain with Børge, so its only me, Isi, Kiwi and the 10 little monsters her. I think Sheriff would love to spend some time on the mountain, being the only dog and getting all the attention! 🙂

We still have a few puppies that are waiting for the perfect home. If you want a dog to work or hunt with and could provide an active, loving and lasting home, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pictures from day 18 here and day 19 here.


Tuesday 26/7-2011  – 17 days old

A lot have happened with the puppies since my last post. They have now all opened their eyes, and “walks” around and exploring the puppybox. Mister Grey, Mister Blue and Mister Yellow was the first to climb out of the box, and I woke up one night and found Mister Blue sleeping next to my bed on Kiwi’s blanket. 

Today they got to try their first meal, and they were all crazy about the meat. Definitely inherited Kiwi’s and Sheriff’s passion for food!

We have cut their nails for the 3rd time, and this time some of them was really difficult to handle. They did not want to sit still, and was crawling and screaming. But we waited them out, and eventually they were all still and quiet.

Sheriff think the puppies are boring, and don’t pay them any attention. Isi on the other hand, is so curious and stands outside the box and stares at them all day. She wonders what those smelly and noisy things are, and doesn’t quite dare to go close to them yet. Kiwi lets her stand outside the box, as long as she don’t make noise!

Kamilla Lysaker was here today and checked for Dermoid Sinus, and luckily she either did not find any. But she confirmed my suspicions that Miss Black probably will get offset crowns.

New individual 2 week- pictures and some new pictures of the puppies 17 days old here.

puppy / grams Birth 10 days 17 days %
Miss Black 460 1300 1700 369
Mister Yellow 550 1300 1800 327
Mister Orange 595 1420 2100 353
Mister Red 550 1220 1700 300
Mister Grey 400 1090 1500 375
Miss Green 550 1340 1800 327
Miss Pink 520 1200 1500 288
Miss Purple 500 1250 1700 340
Mister Blue 595 1450 1900 320
Miss White 540 1320 1900 351

Thursday 21/7-2011  – 12 days old

All of our cute little puppies have now opened their eyes and they have the most beautiful little eyes. They are much calmer when we handle them now, and they were calm and easy to handle when we cut their nails again the other day. It seems they now sleep and eat, no crying anymore. Kiwi have found a good interval for feeding them, and they are happy and gaining weight every day.

Kiwi makes me so proud. She is the coolest mother ever, and don’t stress at all when we are handling the puppies, moving them when we clean the puppy-box or have visitors. She is just so happy and proud over her puppies,  and wants to show them to everyone! She don’t mind Sheriff and Isi taking a peak at the puppies, and loves to spend some time outside digging big holes in the ground together with Isi, chasing our cat or search for treats. No worries at all! These puppies will for sure have the coolest and most laidback mother ever, so I guess they will never feel what stress is all about when they are together with their mother. More pictures here.


Tuesday 19/7-2011  – 10 days old

Miss Black has now started to open her eyes, and I guess the others are coming after soon. The most beautiful little eyes! We are totally in love! They are developing so fast! I have cut their nails 2 times already. They are growing so much! They have all doubled their weight now, and the heaviest one aren’t Mister Orange anylonger, but Mister Blue with 1450 grams! A lot of new pictures here.

  Birth 7 days 10 days %
Miss Black 460 1000 1300 182
Mister Yellow 550 1120 1300 136
Mister Orange 595 1200 1420 138
Mister Red 550 1020 1220 121
Mister Grey 400 950 1090 172
Miss Green 550 1100 1340 143
Miss Pink 520 1000 1200 130
Miss Purple 500 1000 1250 150
Mister Blue 595 1090 1450 143
Miss White 540 1030 1320 144


Sunday 17/7-2011  – 8 days old

Everything is going great, and Kiwi has now learned to sleep outside the puppybox and when she feels it’s time for feeding, she lays down together with the puppies. This way the puppies are more quite because they eat and sleep with a nice interval, and Kiwi also get some sleep. When she enter the puppybox they wake up right away and throws themselves over the milk, eats and then fall asleep with a nipple in their mouth. So cute! 🙂 They are just getting bigger and bigger, and they are stronger and are starting to use their legs a little bit more, instead of just crawling. More pictures here.


Saturday 16/7-2011  – 7 days old

New individual pictures of the puppies here.

Every puppy has gained a lot of weight, and 6 of them have doubled their birthweight, while the other 4 are soon there!

Kiwi is in good shape, and she spends more and more time outside the puppybox. She feeds them regularly, but loves to come with us for a longer walk, or searching for treats outside.

  Birth 7 days %
Miss Black 460 1000 117
Mister Yellow 550 1120 103
Mister Orange 595 1200 101
Mister Red 550 1020 85
Mister Grey 400 950 137
Miss Green 550 1100 100
Miss Pink 520 1000 92
Miss Purple 500 1000 100
Mister Blue 595 1090 83
Miss White 540 1030 90


Friday 15/7-2011  – 6 days old

The puppies are getting bigger and bigger everyday, and they are starting to make more noise. They scream when they are not satisfied, and I think they sounds like little piglets when they don’t get the milk fast enough! Kiwi has been out with the other dogs today, searching for food in the grass and digging whole under the trees. She is her old self again, happy all the time and with a big Kiwi-smile! 🙂

New pictures here.


Thursday 14/7-2011  – 5 days old

I will start to write about the puppies development in this blog. It is also good to have something to look back at later! 🙂

Our puppies was born 8th and 9th of July, but we register the puppies birth to 9th of July. The birth took 14 hours, and most of the puppies arrived with ease. Puppy #4, little Mr Red, came with his backlegs first, and his fetal bladder was ruptured. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his backlegs, and the placenta hadn’t losened, and thus prevented him from coming out. After some fumbling, we were able to cut the umbilical cord and he came out. He was very weak, but we rubbed him alot and then he came to life with a big scream! He started to eat right away, and is a fighter. The rest came with 1-2 hours between, and sadly one beautiful correct liver male was stillborn.

The puppies are 5 days old today, and they are getting bigger and bigger. Mister Orange is our biggest puppy, and he for sure know how to get food. He push his brothers and sisters away to get the best nipple, so I have to keep an eye on him during feeding. I have been sort of concerned for him, because his belly is very big and sometimes a little bit hard. I was afraid he had gotten constipated, but he seems ok and sleeps like a baby. Little Mister Grey was the smallest when born, and he still is. But he has gained weight, and we place him at the best nipples so we know that he gets enough milk.

Kiwi cares perfectly for her puppies, but sometimes she gets frustrated when one puppy is screaming for something and she doesn’t quite know why. Usually that means it is hungry, so I tell Kiwi to lay down, the puppy gets milk, and everyone is happy! 🙂 Kiwi have had some after-contractions, and when her uterus contracts, she starts digging in her puppy-box and obviously it hurts a bit. We don’t want her to dig in her puppy-box, because she could dig the blankets over her puppies, and by mistake lie down on them. So we keep an eye on her, and when she starts digging, we let her dig in my bed next to the puppy-box instead.

I am really amazed by how cool and secure Kiwi is concerning her puppies. She doesn’t mind Sheriff and Isi standing outside her puppy-box, as long as they don’t come in. Already from day 3 did she want to come with us for a walk, and she loves to spend some time in our garden searching for food in the grass, together with the other dogs. Kiwi have a very strong mentality, as this only confirm!

Her you can see the puppies weight-progress, and everyone has gained weight very quickly, and some have almost doubled their birthweight already.

  Birth 3 days 5 days %
Miss Black 460 690 850 84
Mister Yellow 550 760 915 66
Mister Orange 595 830 1020 71
Mister Red 550 760 870 58
Mister Grey 400 550 750 87
Miss Green 550 750 900 63
Miss Pink 520 680 830 59
Miss Purple 500 690 850 70
Mister Blue 595 740 930 56
Miss White 540 780 930 72