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Time to leave the nest

April 13, 2014
The puppies are 54 days old today, and today was the big day when they moved to their new homes. In the beginning of this week I thought that they was small and to young to start moving, but on friday I thought that they should move today 😉 Bad weather combined with puppies with loads of energy is not a good combination, even if they are only 4 😉 So we went for rides with the car both friday and saturday, and tried to keep them occupied with different activities and toys. But they fought a lot with each other the last couple of days, so it was good for them to start their new life today. Thank you all wonderful puppy buyers for a wonderful day, and good luck with your new family member!
Wayosi Beautiful Monster ~ Fia is co-owned with us, and are living with Tone and Lars with family on Lørenskog, only 10 minutes away from us. Wayosi Been Caught Stealing ~ Buddy is living with Gunhild and Jan with family on Leirsund, 10 minutes from us. Wayosi Baby Can’t Drive ~ Nixon is living with Bente and Halvor with family on Lier, about 1 hour from us. Wayosi Busy Being Fabulous ~ Bissy will be staying with us for a week, before she is traveling with me to Stockholm and going back to her roots with Kiwi’s breeder Anna. 
 MLH1348  MLH1371  MLH1390  MLH1354
April 13th, 2014|

50 days old

April 9, 2014
The time flies, and the puppies are 50 days old today. Fia, Buddy and Nixon leaves on sunday, while Bissy in staying with us until next week when I am traveling to Stockholm with her. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, and having only 4 pups is very cosy and relaxing 🙂 I am very very pleased with how the little ones have turned out, and they have the sweetest tempers and a wonderful mentality. They have balanced exteriors and wonderful shiny coats. They seem very healthy and I hope they will stay healthy also in the future. We try to give the pups as much socializing and training as possible, and they have listened to a firecracker CD almost every day, and now the volume is up quite loud. But they doesn’t seem to care, at least not when they are occupied with a bottle containing food and a activity ball 🙂 See the movie of them during this session here. We took stacked photos at 48 days, which you can see under. The photo album is also updated, see here
 MLH0709bluename  MLH0817bluename  MLH0632purplename  MLH0782purplename
 MLH0746pinkname  MLH0805pinkname  MLH0696orangename  MLH0798orangename
April 9th, 2014|

44 days old

April 3, 2014
Today the puppies got to travel in the car again, which went very well, and explore my mothers back yard. The pups thought it was super exiting, and after a couple of hours they fell asleep, and then we went back home. These pups are a bunch of very kind and sweet pups, just happy and curious. They are not afraid of new environment, and also explores new areas all by them selves, without any of the other pups following. I’m very very satisfied with how they appear to be regarding temper and mentality 🙂 The B-litter page is updated with a couple of new albums, see them here.
 MLH0414  MLH0426  MLH0427  MLH0428
April 3rd, 2014|

42 days old

April 1, 2014
The puppies are 42 days today, and we had to take the mandatory stacks and head-shots. They got to spend hours outside now, and thanks to my moms knitted sweathers they keep warm even if it’s a little windy outside. 
 MLH9710  MLH9736  MLH9760  MLH9780 
 MLH9818  MLH9822  MLH9852  MLH9870
April 1st, 2014|

37 days old

March 27, 2014
The puppies are 37 days old today, and I suddently realized that they will be moving to new homes in 2,5 weeks! The time have gone so fast! The pups are so sweet, happy and cudly, and are quite fat due to all the food they are getting 🙂 Kiwi still gives them milk, but she is holding back more and more every day, and the puppies are more hungry for solid food. They spend some time running free in the living-room and kitchen every day, and they are super happy to explore the big world. We have also taking the pups outside everyday, but due to the weather, they just wants to go inside again. As soon as the sun shines during the day, I guess they would appreciate spending more time outside. Photos from the last weeks can be seen here
 MLH9101orange  MLH9099blue  MLH9116purple  MLH9083pink
 MLH9131  MLH9024  MLH9053  MLH9054
March 27th, 2014|

33 days old

March 23, 2014
The puppies are 33 days old today, almost 5 weeks old. We have had visitors every day the last couple of days, and the puppies loves to get all the hugs and attention. We have started to put the pups in the cage when we clean the puppy-box in the mornings, and they are more and more accepting that they have to relax and stay behind the locked door until we let them out. They are a lovely foursome of puppies, being kind, cuddly and playful, and they are so well behaved. More photos can be seen here

 MLH8378  MLH8346  MLH8400  MLH8422

March 23rd, 2014|

30 days old

March 20, 2014
The pups are 30 days today, and yesterday I got some help taking the first stacked photos of them. They were not that hungry, because they get more than enough milk from Kiwi, and they are also very fat and chubby at the moment. I still think we got some clues as to how they look like. Yesterday they had their first experience with a jigsaw when I had to cut out a piece in the puppybox, to make a little door for Kiwi. Despite the high sound, they was just super curious and we had to keep them from getting to close. I love their sweet, social and curious nature and can’t wait to see how they turn out as grown ups!

 MLH8208_blue  MLH8223_purple  MLH8463pink  MLH8314_orange

March 20th, 2014|

27 days old

March 17, 2014
The puppies are 27 days old today, and tomorrow they will be 4 weeks already! That means we only have 4 more weeks with the little wonders. Up until now they haven’t given me much work, as Kiwi feeds them, cleans them and takes care of them. They have started to learn that they should pee on the papers, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember to go to the papers, and they just pee in the bed… They get Royal Canine Starter two times a day now, but just a little taste and rounds it off with some milk from Kiwi. During this week I will start giving them more solid food, and also 3 times per day. We have started to train how to stand on a table, but I don’t think they stand good enough on their feet yet. So stacked photos will wait until I think they stand better on their feet. But we practice, and my hopes are that they will stand pretty when we take the first stacks 🙂 All the pups are spoken for, and I am looking forward to getting to know their new owners better, and see how the pups will develop. It’s been important to me that the new owners will stay in close contact with us, and also fit into our wonderful gang of Wayosi-owners. But I think that the mission is completed and we are looking forward to adding more happy people to our extended family 🙂 I have added a few albums from the last week on the B-litter page, see them here

 MLH8024  MLH8038  MLH8114  MLH8062

March 17th, 2014|

20 days old

March 10, 2014
The puppies are 20 days old today, almost 3 weeks, and they have moved down in the larger puppy-box in the livingroom. Here they have 3×4 meters to move around in, they hear all sorts of sounds, see a lot of different light and smells a lot of different smells. We sadly lost mr. green last week, and we now devote all our time to the 4 remaining puppies. They have all gained weight, they are happy and well-fed and well looked after by wonderful mum Kiwi, and they have started to move around a lot more, exploring the box and playing with eachother. They have gotten a little taste of solid food for two days now, and they all went crazy when they figured out that it was eatable! I am convinced these little ones will love food just as much as their mother does. As they are only 4 pups, Kiwi have more than enough milk for them, but a small taste of solid food every day the next days and weeks don’t do any harm before they will start eating more and more solid food and less and less milk.  More photos of the little wonders can bee seen here.  

 MLH7837  MLH7808  MLH7773  MLH7816

March 10th, 2014|

14 days old

March 4, 2014
The pups are 14 days old today and got their first deworming yesterday. They were not very happy about that, and was shaking their heads to get the pasta out of the mouth. But it’s important with deworming, and we made sure everyone swallowed the proper amount anyway. They sleep longer between eating now, and thus it’s more silent in the puppy box during nights. On the other hand some of them have learned to use their voices, and I have heard some of them both growl and try to bark 🙂 
I have added new individual and mixed photos of the pups on the B-litter page here, as well as a movie of the pups enjoying a meal. 

140304collage2  MLH7687  MLH7678

March 4th, 2014|

12 days old

March 2, 2014
Miss Purple opened her eyes 2 days ago, and the rest have followed this weekend. The biggest ones are now weighing around 1700 grams, while our little Miss Pink weights 700 grams. That means they all have more or less tripled their weight since birth. Kiwi makes sure they are well fed and comfortable, but likes to stretch out in my bed next to the puppy box while watching the pups sleep. Yesterday we assembled the larger puppy in the living room, and the pups will move downstairs at the end of next week. Then it is time for more sounds, movements and lights, and by then they also will be more mobile and need more space to move around. More photos can bee seen here

Days 0 7 11
Blue 440 1250 1700
Purple 520 1200 1600
Pink 250 550 710
Orange 560 1300 1700
Green 580 1380 1760

 MLH7571  MLH7592  MLH7565  MLH7584
March 2nd, 2014|

9 days old and new photos

February 27, 2014
The pups are getting bigger every day, and the biggest puppies are so fat I almost getting worried 😉 Little Miss Pink has started to use her hind legs a little bit more when crawling, while the other fatsos are not quite there yet. But within the weekend I think we will already see the puppies getting more active, and shortly also opening their eyes. I have added a new album of the puppies 9 days old here
February 27th, 2014|

1 week old already

February 26, 2014
The puppies are already 1 week old, and they are all doing great. Everyone have doubled their birth weight, and we are especially happy that our little Miss Pink also have doubled her birth weight. She is strong and have a strong will, and we are looking forward to learn about this little fighters personality 🙂 The other pups are big fat little pups, and sure knows how to use their voice when the milk is not coming! More photos can be seen here
Days 0 7
Blue 440 1250
Purple 520 1200
Pink 250 550
Orange 560 1300
Green 580 1380
 MLH7390  MLH7404  MLH7424 
February 26th, 2014|

Puppies 5 days old

February 23, 2014
Our puppies are 5 days old today, and both Kiwi and pups are doing great! Kiwi is being an affectionate and caring mother, and is doing a wonderful job with the little miracles. 
Our firstborn pup was a male born 00:16 and he weighed 440 gram. He has a small white marking on his chest and is correct. He got a blue collar. The second pup was a female born at 01:00 and weighed 520 gram. She is livernosed and seems to be correct. She got a purple collar. The third pup was a female born at 01:20 and she weighed only 250 gram. But she seemed strong right from the start and today she has almost doubled her birthweight. She seems to be correct so far, and have a large white mark on her chest. She got a pink collar. The firth pup was a male born at 03:30 and weighed 560 gram. He has two small white stripes on his chest and is correct. He got an orange collar. The final pup was born at 04:00 and was a male weighing 580 gram. He has no white markings, seems to be correct and got a green collar.
I have added some more photos and a video to the B-litter page here.
 MLH7329  MLH7337  MLH7361  MLH7350
February 23rd, 2014|

The pups are here!

February 19, 2014

We are proud to announce the safe arrival of our B-litter February 18, 2014. We have 5 wonderful puppies, 3 males and 2 females. One of the females are livernosed, the rest are blacknosed. All seems correct so far, and first check showed no dermoid sinus. The delivery was uncomplicated and took 4 hours. 4 of the puppies had birthweight around 500 grams, while the blacknosed female weighed only 250 gram. She seems quite strong, and we are giving her extra care and hope she will gain some more weight quickly. All pups have lovely colors and substance, and we are very exited to see them develop.

Kiwi was so good during the delivery and are doing a wonderful job with the pups. She will just go outside for a short second, and then she runs back to her pups 🙂 She is in a good shape and are recovering very well.

 MLH7241  MLH7286  MLH7238  MLH7243  MLH7265  MLH7269  MLH7271  MLH7278

February 19th, 2014|

59 days pregnant

February 16, 2014

Kiwi is 59 days pregnant today, and sleeps a lot to be ready for the birth of the puppies any day now. We can’t wait to see what’s hiding inside her belly! I have attached a movie where you can see the puppies moving inside the belly.

140216thumb  MLH7203  MLH7215

February 16th, 2014|

55 days pregnant

February 12, 2014

Kiwi is now 55 days pregnant, and the birth is not far away. She can start giving birth from day 58 to day 65, but the most common is between day 60 and 63. The variation in days can be related to the litter size or when the eggs was fertilized after mating. A female with a larger litter may give birth earlier than a female with a smaller litter, and the eggs could have been fertilized as long as 5 days after mating. 

Kiwi is in a very good condition, even though she is getting bigger everyday. She has not gained that much around her belly, but there are some visible changes from day to day. She still joins us for a walk, and she decides the speed as well as where and how long to go. But she still likes to trot around the neighborhood looking for the neighbors cats, and as long as Kiwi wants to, we let her join us. It is important that she is in a good physical shape when she give birth, and especially after giving birth and nursing the puppies. I could see some tiny drops of milk from her nipples today, and we have felt the puppies moving inside her for a while. The puppies are approximately 15 cm now. 

 MLH7171_55dager  MLH7177_55dager

February 12th, 2014|

50 days pregnant

February 7, 2014

Kiwi is 50 days pregnant today, 78 cm around her belly and weighs 37,4 kg. She is in excellent condition, and still hangs with on our evening walks with the other dogs. She is desperately chasing food, and finds everything suitable as food. She is still calm and enjoys to relax in the couch, under the blanket. We notice that she grows a little everyday, and luckily for Kiwi she is not very heavy yet. We have started to get Kiwi adjusted to the puppy box, but she would rather use the bed next to the puppy box. However, Sheriff and Isi thinks the puppy box is very comfortable 😉

We can feel the puppies moving in her belly now, and it seems there are some active puppies inside that belly 🙂 The puppies have now reached approximately 75% of their birthweight and measures around 12 cm. 

 MLH7034_47d  MLH7050_48d  MLH7072_50d  MLH7079_50d


February 7th, 2014|

45 days pregnant

February 2, 2014

Kiwi is 45 days pregnant today, 70 cm around her belly and weighs 36 kg. She is constantly hungry, and tries to brake into the food container every chance she gets. We see that she is smaller than with the A-litter where she carried 11 puppies, so perhaps we have half the amount this time. I have put together a photo to show Kiwi before mating, and at 45 day after mating. Not so much waist there anymore 😉 

We have also put up the puppy box, and Sheriff was perhaps the one who was most happy with “his” new bed 🙂 We are more or less ready for the delivery, and the puppy room are filled with everything we need. A larger puppy box will be put up in our livingroom when the pups are 2-3 weeks. 

collage  MLH6958  MLH6944  MLH6947

February 2nd, 2014|

42 days pregnant

January 30, 2014

Kiwi is 42 days pregnant today, and we see small changes almost every day now. Kiwi moved home with us today, and I hope her dear co-owners Hilde and Stig will survive without their princess for some while. But they will come for visit often, and both Kiwi and I are looking forward to that 🙂 

Kiwi are 69 cm around her belly today, slowly gaining cm. 

 MLH6839  MLH6843  MLH6859

January 30th, 2014|

37 days pregnant

January 25, 2014

Kiwi is 37 days pregnant today, and her belly is starting to show more. I measured her belly and she is now 64 cm around.

Day 36 to 42 represents the 6th week of the pregnancy. It is no doubt that Kiwi is pregnant now, and the puppies are growing very rapidly. Almost from day to day we will start to notice that the belly gets larger. With the growth of the puppies, Kiwi may start to become a little uncomfortable, and she might even vomit. She now needs a comfortable place to sleep, where she can relax properly and stretch out her body. It’s important that she is still getting her usual exercise everyday, even though she rather would stay inside, but we will adjust the exercise after how Kiwi feels. 

 MLH6823  MLH6826  MLH6812 140125iphone

January 25th, 2014|

33 days pregnant

January 21, 2014

Kiwi is 33 days pregnant today, and she is doing well. She is very cosy and wants to stay as close as possible. At the moment she is living with her co-owners in Oslo, that takes very good care of here. Around day 42 she is moving home to stay with us for the rest of the pregnancy and puppy period.

Kiwi now wants to sleep a lot, and want shorter trips outside. She have had a period where she seems a little morning sick, but she never says no to food and she have eaten well the entire period. It is important that Kiwi gets regularly exercise, even if she rather wants to stay inside. She needs to be healthy and in good shape during the pregnancy, when the belly is getting heavier and she also need a good strength for the birth. Last weekend we met up with Kiwi and Hilde, and a couple of exiting puppy buyers and went for a walk in the forrest. The light was not so good, and it was cold outside, so belly photos was not that easy 🙂

Up until now the embryos have grown rapidly and organs are developing as the puppies are forming. By day 29, the sex organs and limbs of the puppies have developed, and the uterus is quickly filling with protective amniotic fluid. Because of the amniotic fluid rushing in, a little belly can now bee seen on Kiwi, but at the moment her teats are larger so the little belly is not easy so see. In the next week or so I think the belly will get noticeably larger. 

  MLH6751  MLH6762  MLH6764  MLH6760

January 21st, 2014|

Pregnancy confirmed

January 12, 2014

We are happy to announce that Kiwi is in whelp with our B-litter and is due week 8. Kiwi is doing fine, she is in good health, but are not yet showing many signs of pregnancy. Her tits are a litter bigger and she have lost some appetite. The loss of appetite is probably a big concern for Kiwi herself 😉 She is also more calm than usual, and very cosy. Now we are crossing fingers for an uncomplicated pregnancy and healthy puppies.

Inquires are welcome to mona@wayosi.no

bkullweb ultralyd  MLH6738

January 12th, 2014|

Pregnancy Calendar B-litter

December 22, 2013



Inanda Mellberg Athol Aramis By U – “Aramis”


Tappinskis Peach And Passion – “Kiwi”

Week 1

During the first week, counted from day 1 to day 7, many milestones take place. Fertilization of the eggs will occur, and the fertilized eggs should implant into the walls of the uterus around Day 7. Fertilized eggs migrate down the oviducts and into the uterine horns. The migration continues to enable even spacing of the embryos. During this migration the eggs will grow into a blastocysts.

Friday 20 December 2013

First day of mating. 


Germ cells, i.e. sperm and egg fuse together and the phases of mitosis begin. During mitosis genetic information from the parents is merged. Fertilization occurs in the oviducts, which lead from the ovaries to the uterus.

96 hours

Divides into two cells

120 hours

Divides into fours cells

144 hours

Divides into eight cells

192 hours

The morula is constituted. The morula is a compact mass of 32 cells. In size the mass has grown little.

Week 2

During the second week, from day 8 to 14, we can expect the dam to continue acting as if she is in heat, but if we are lucky she will already be pregnant! The fertilized eggs will be implanted into the uterine horns and rapidly developing into blastocysts. They will officially be considered embryos around Day 11, and their major organs will be starting to develop. 

Day 9

The morula enters the uterus

Week 3

During the third week, from day 15 to 21, the embryos will still be rapidly growing and developing as the organs of the puppies are forming. We will also being to see changes in the female starting around Day 15, the first day of this week. Her nipples may begin to enlarge and protrude from her belly, and the fur surrounding them will begin to thin. If she is pregnant, she may start to experience morning sickness around Day 20, and show signs of a decreased appetite and some dry heaving or throw up small amounts. 

Day 15

A blastula is constituted. The blastula is a hollow ovule consisting of 500 – 2000 cells. The blastula is not attached and floats freely within the uterus. 

Day 18

The placenta is developed. The placenta provides oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and takes away waste to be excreted by the mother. 

Day 20

The ovule has changed in shape in order to adhere to the wall of the uterus. The nervous system is formed thus organogenesis has begun. Organogenesis is the phase in which all body organs are formed. The nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord are the first organs formed. 

Week 4

By week four, from day 22 to 28, many changes are occurring both in the dam and her pending litter. Morning sickness might occur due to hormonal changes or stretching and distention of the uterus. The female may appear a bit apathetic. She may be off her feed for a while and vomit from time to time. 

At this point, the puppies are roughly the size of a walnut and spread out throughout the uterine horns, so our vet should be able to give us an estimate of the number of puppies to expect.  

Day 23

The individuals ovules have adhered to the walls of the uterus. Swelling occurs at adherence sites. Palpation may be used for the next few days to determine pregnancy, but the method is only 70% of the time. A test for the relaxin hormone can be conducted at this point to determine pregnancy. Ultrasound is more used and can be used from day 21 to day 28. 

Day 28

 The embryo is oval shaped now and measures approx. 1.4 cm to 1.8 cm. 

Week 5

Week five, from day 29 to 35, brings about many changes in the female, and at this point there should be no doubt that she is pregnant. By Day 29, the sex organs and limbs of the puppies are developing, they are growing rapidly, and the uterus is quickly filling with protective amniotic fluid. Because of the amniotic fluid rushing in, the females abdomen should start to be noticeably larger than normal by Day 34, and will only continue to grow! Since her abdomen is rapidly filling with puppies, start increasing her food ration to ensure she is getting adequate nutrition, or consider switching her to puppy food for the duration of the pregnancy and weaning of the puppies. 

Day 30

The eyes are formed and covered by eyelids. Sexual organs are apparent. 

Week 6

The sixth week, from day 36 to 42, doesn’t produce a large amount of physical change in the female, but the puppies are growing an astonishing rate. Since the abdomen is becoming increasingly distended with the pressure of so many babies inside, she may begin to appear noticeably uncomfortable and may even vomit. She will need extra chances to relieve herself outside and a nice comfortable bed to relax in. Around Day 38, she may begin to have clear discharge from her vulva and be rather particular about grooming herself in that area.  At this point, the birth of her puppies are only a few weeks away. We should also be sure to set up her whelping box in a warm, quiet corner of the house and begin rewarding her for spending time in it.  

Day 40

Swelling of the females abdomen may be observed. The swelling is relative to the number of puppies the female is carrying and the number of previous litters she has had. Abdominal swelling may be less noticeable at this stage for first time mothers. The pigmentation of the skin and coat that determine the puppies’ coloration and patterns are present. 

Week 7

By the seventh week, day 43 to 49, you should finally be able to feel the puppies moving, typically by Day 45, and see just how fast the female is putting on weight and girth. The puppies are fully developed little dogs at this point, and their main job is to put on size and weight to prepare for birth. By Day 47, the dam will be wrestles and may begin to search for a place to nest, and may even be leaking colostrum (the “first milk” that is full of antibodies for puppies’ health) from her teats. This is definitely the time to begin rewarding her for lying in her whelping box, but if she shows a preference for a different corner of the house than the one we choose, we will need to move the box so that she will use it for her nest.

Day 45

It’s very easy now to feel the puppies, counting them might be a bit more difficult. Heartbeats are detectible by ultrasound. From this time on the growth of the fetus is accelerated. The mother’s appetite will likely increase. 

Week 8

When the eighth week rolls around, from day 50 to 56, it is time to start keeping a close eye on the female. On Day 50, start gently washing the female’s nipples and vulva several times a day, with a separate washcloth for each area. Since her teats may be leaking slightly and her vulva should have a small amount of discharge, this will help keep her clean and comfortable. We may see her abdomen ripple now and then as the puppies begin to position themselves for birth around Day 54. Her belly is jam-packed at this point, so leave kibble down for her at all times so that she can eat a bite here and there as she has room. 

Day 50

The dam might lose her appetite during this period. Her abdomen can be crowded with puppies. It is better to feed several smaller meals spaced throughout the day. You can easily detect abdominal movement now.

Day 51

The skeleton of the fetus is calcified and can be seen by x-ray.

Week 9

The last week, from day 57 to day 64 is here. Day 62 is typically when the puppies will arrive, and we must notify our boss and arrange to have a few days off before and after the birth if at all possible, or let them know when her temperature drops and stay home from that point until the puppies are at least a day old. The female has very strong instincts to care for and protect her puppies, but it is better to be home just in case a puppy becomes stuck or needs extra stimulation to begin breathing.  

Day 57

We might want to start taking the dam’s rectal temperature each morning and evening. The temperature will drop from 38,5 C to 36,5 C roughly 12 to 24 hours before birth, and she may go off her kibble and treats completely. This is an important sign to watch for, since it may be our only warning for impending puppies!

Day 60 – Day 63

Milky fluid may be expressed from the nipples.

Day 48 – Day 65

Dam begins to spend a lot more time in self-grooming. Her breasts become even more swollen. She may become a bit restlessness and begin to search for a suitable place to have her puppies.

Day 58 – Day 64

Starting at Day 58, watch carefully for any signs of labor that may show. These include a loss of appetite, her temperature dropping, signs of anxiety and/or whining, rapidly digging in her nesting box while  appearing uncomfortable, heavy panting (possibly with her eyes squeezed shut), her body tensing as if she is “sucking in her gut”, a clear fluid-filled amniotic sac emerging from the vulva, or repeated straining as if about to defecate without results. She may request to go out repeatedly since the sensation of a puppy settling downward may feel similar to needed to go potty, but do not let her go outside without a leash on and a towel in hand. We don’t want her getting under a bush or under the house to have the babies! If it is dark out, be sure to take a flashlight, and either way, watch carefully while she “goes” to ensure she doesn’t have a puppy outside. We will inform our vet in advance of the estimated birth date and have vet numbers at hand to inform them of when labor starts. If the female strains without producing a puppy for longer than 30 minutes, if she has not given birth by day 65, or if her temperature goes above 39 C or below 36 C, contact the vet immediately for advice. 









December 22nd, 2013|

New photos of Aramis

June 23, 2013
Some weeks ago I spent the weekend in Stockholm, and while I was there I was lucky enough to meet Aramis again, at a RR-coursing. Aramis won the entire thing, being the fastest on both short laps and whole lap. More photos can be seen here.
 MLH3661  MLH3663  MLH4016 
 MLH4158  MLH4216  MLH4211
June 23rd, 2013|

Presenting Aramis

April 11, 2013
I am happy to finally present the sire of our planned litter summer 2013 with our beloved Kiwi. I have searched long and far to find a male that would fit into my goals for breeding — wonderful mentality wrapped in a sound and healthy body. And I found that in Inanda Mellberg Athol Aramis By U “Aramis”. We are looking forward to Kiwi getting into heat in the end of May, and hopefully we will have a bunch of wonderful little pups in the beginning of August. We look very much forward to this litter! Read more about the planned litter HERE.
Aramis11 Aramis22 Aramis29 
 MLH9742  DSC2979 20120714-IMG 0061
April 11th, 2013|

Planned litter 2013/2014

January 10, 2013
We are planning a litter with Tappinskis Peach And Passion “KIWI” winter 2013/2014. We expect Kiwi to come in heat november 2013, with pups being born february 2014. Kiwi have had one litter before, our A-litter, and in this litter all puppies are healthy and crazy, 7 are x-rayed with everyone hips A/A and hips 0/0 and they are all showing very promising mental qualities. 
We have not completely decided about a male, but we have a few excellent candidates. Our main concern in the search for a suitable male is mentality and health. We want to produce pups with excellent mentality who have all the mental qualities a ridgeback should have, in a sound body with health to live a long life. Stay tune, and we will introduce Mr.X when the time is right 🙂
Read more about Kiwi and the planned litter HERE.
Planned litter 2013
January 10th, 2013|
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