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 DSC3000 400
Born 13th May 2008
HD: B/B (free)  ED: 0/0 (free) 
35 kg, 64 cm
Complete scissorbite
DM: normal (N/N)
Blue Dilute: negative (D/D)
Livergene: livernose (b/b)
Eyes clear (2013)
Swedish Show champion (SUCH)
Norwegian Show champion (NUCH)
Known mental status, gunshot proof
    Aramis22 365
Born 10th August 2009
HD: A/B (free) ED: 0/0 (free)
42 kg, 68 cm
Complete scissorbite
DM: normal (N/N)
Blue Dilute: negative (D/D)
Livergene: carrier (B/b)
1st prize open class fieldtracking
Known mental status, gunshot proof





Kiwi is a sweet and gentle girl, playful and full of life and constantly wags her tail. She is totally uncomplicated, adjusts to every situation and is the most kind little ridgie. She is very social and approachable, and loves everyone that would pet her. She likes to be very close to people, and would curl up in your lap at any time. She is quite a though little girl, there are very few things that would scare her or upset her. In everyday situations she is just a sweet, happy, confident and lovable little girl that make a big impression on everyone that meets here. Kiwi have no aggressions to other dogs, and come into every pack of dogs without any problems. I have never seen Kiwi afraid or anxious, just curious, happy and playful. She is a gentle female, very social and approachable, very high curiosity and not dominant. She have a highly developed interest for hunting and chasing, and would bay elks and would point out birds like a pointer. Kiwi have done a swedish mentalitytest at the age of 4 years (video), and she did a very good test. Kiwi showed that she have a wonderful balance between her mental traits and got the highest scores for consentration and nervcunstruction and have absolutely no remaining fear. These results are fantastic, and dog’s like Kiwi certainly does not grow on threes! She is just such a sweetheart and we love her dearly. Kiwi is Swedish and Norwegian Champion and has a gorgeous harmonic conformation. She is livernosed, and have a dark wheaten pigmentation. Kiwi have had one litter in 2011, read more about it here. These pups are now 2 years old, and we are very satisfied with the results. Of those x-rayed, everyone is HD: A/A and ED: 0/0, and are as healthy as can be. 

Aramis has an impressive pedigree, with many great dogs behind him. Both his father Glenaffric Ulanyo av Zuritamu and his grandfather Heshima Ya Kimba Energy Of Red, as well as his grandmother Lionesque Clementine are imported from South Africa, and behind them one can find many dogs which have left their mark on todays Rhodesian Ridgeback population. I have had my eyes on Aramis for quite some time, actually for a couple of years. I have met both his mother Inanda Mellberg Fleur de Cap “Fleur” and her litter-brother Mulitichamp Inanda Mellberg Edelrood “Rod” on several occasions, and they have both left me with a very good impression. Happy, energetic, curious and unafraid dogs with superb abilities for working and hunting. When Fleur was mated with Multichamp Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu “Ulanyo” I already back then thought for myself that this would be an exiting combination to follow. I have never had the pleasure to meet Ulanyo my self, but I have heard from several good friends what a wonderful dog he is and that he have a great temper. I have had some contact with his owner Jana, and I’m happy that she also see potential in this combination. I have kept my eyes on the dogs in this litter occasionally and gotten the chance to see Aramis’ sister Inanda Mellberg Cresta By U on some shows and at home. She strucked me to be a very happy and social little female wrapped in a balanced and sound body. When Aramis did his mentality assessment (MH) in 2011 I was impressed by the results, but there was something with one of the moments that did not seem quite right. When I started to look for a male for Kiwi, I quickly fell back to this litter and Aramis, and I got to know that there was actually a mistake with the protocol, and then it struck me that this mentality assessment was close to perfect, one of the best I have ever seen. We went to meet Aramis and his owner in Stockholm, and we were blown away by this wonderful male. After writing to owners and breeders literally around the world asking about mentality and health generations back, I was finally sure that I had found mister Perfect for Kiwi!  

Aramis is born in a perfect litter of 11 correct puppies. 9 of 11 pups are x-rayed, and all Aramis’ siblings are HD: A/A and ED: 0/0. Aramis is as healthy as they can be, and with a mentality to die for. He lives with an older male and they get along without problems. Aramis is a kind and loving male, who loves to cuddle up next to you in the sofa. He did that even to us when we were there, even if he had never met us before. But he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback true to the type, and he would defend his family if needed. He have control of everything that happens around him, but at the same time he is very relaxed and appreciate some peace and quite. In many ways, I would describe him as the ultimate ridgeback when it comes to mental qualities. See his mentality assessment (MH) here.  

He have a wonderful balanced body, with a structure I believe would fit Kiwi very well. He is a medium sized male, measuring probably around 68 cm. He haven’t been shown much, but have still done quite well in shows and became 6th Best Male from 100+ at BISS-12 in Sweden. Aramis is DM free, Blue dilute free and to my great pleasure carrier of the livernose-gene. More photos of Aramis can be seen here. This will be Aramis’ first litter. We want to thank Rydin familiy for letting us use Aramis on Kiwi.



The puppies should as adults be mentally stable, healthy and easy familiydogs, and at the same time have the little extra making them easy to work with. I expect puppies with a high interest for objects and a high instincts for hunting. Hopefully the puppies will have a high curiosity, good nerves and ability to abreact quickly with a moderate guarding instinct. I expect them to love food and be easy to lead, and thus be very easy to train with. I think they would be able to train and have fun with different types of dog-sports, such as fieldtracking, hunting, agility, obedience, rally-obedience, scent-discriminationwork and working-trials. Of course they would also bee excellent family-dogs and companions. The puppies would probably need owners that would work and train with them in different sports/activities, but they should also enjoy a lazy day just relaxing and be calm when needed. As puppies and youngers they will most probably be very actice and sometimes give their owners some grey hair. But as a typical ridgeback the dog would settle both in body and mind after 2-3 years, and then you are left with a wonderful companion with a sound body and mind.

Exteriorwise I believe we will have puppies well within the breed standard regarding height and weight, and they should not be of the heavy type. We expect both liver nosed and black nosed puppies. I think the livers would have dark red liver pigmentation and the black nosed lovely wheaten color without black hairs. Their heads should be beautiful, with lovely expressions. I believe they would get moderate bones and otherwise very good conformation. I guess that several of the puppies would be able to show themselves nicely in the show ring, and some would hopefully become champions.

Both lines are very healthy regarding joint diseases such as HD, ED and OCD. These lines should fit each other very good, and I believe in healthy dogs in any way. Both Aramis or Kiwi are off course healthy and have never had problems with skin, ears or paws, that one often hear is problems with the breed. These dogs are as healthy as can be. 

As Aramis carries the livernose-gene, I expect to have some livernosed puppies in this litter. 



When we sell a puppy, we feel that we are selling something of ourselves. We have taken care of them for 4 months, through conception to birth and parenting. It is therefore very important to us that we know the puppy will have a a good, active and permanent home in it’s new family. We believe that an active dog is a happy dog, so we expect that our buyers will train their dog in one or more dog sports.

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very versatile breed that loves to be active. We want to ensure that our puppies come to caring and loving home, who takes care of them and give them everything they need such as time and love, veterinary care, quality food, physical and mental training, attend puppy courses and further training. It is very important that our buyers have thought long and well on the responsibility it is to own and care for a dog. We expect that you set aside time for your puppy in the beginning. Before being left home alone for long periods, the puppy should become known in it’s new home, be houscleen and feel safe. You must have the opportunity to take a holiday or to have the opportunity to have your puppy with you at work for the first time. For the next few months the puppy should not be alone for a long time and you need to find solutions for this if you can’t stay home or bring the puppy to work.

The puppy must be socialized and trained so that it will learn to work as a family dog, and the owners must learn to handle the working capacity and self assureness in the dog. We demand that the new owners attend puppy classes and preferably advanced courses with the dog. This has to do with both the socialization with other dogs and people, and that dog and owner gets a good starting point for a good working relationship and happy everyday life.

You must be able to give your dog quality food, veterinary care when needed, vaccination and insurance. We also require your dog to bee HD- and ED-x-rayed between 12 and 20 months. We require that you give your dog a good and loving home, where it becomes a part of the family. We also require that you attend dog mentality assessment, arranged by us, when the dog is 16-24 months old.

Our puppies are raised in the family. The puppies are raised inside our house, and are disposed to all the sounds, smells and impressions from a normal home. We also take our puppies in the car when they are old enough, visit other places, and let them get to know other environments than our home. We have many visitors as the puppies grow up, so that the puppies are social and loves people. They are handled a lot by us to learn that it’s OK to be turned on their back, picked up, having their claws cut etc etc. They will also meet children and cats, horses and other dogs. We play a lot with the puppies, giving them an interest for playing, grabbing and fetching. This would give the new owners a good start regarding obedience-training, and also in a hunting situation were the dog has learned on a early stage that it is fun to retrieve. So many important lessons are learned at this age, and we do our outmost to give the puppy the absolutely best start of life, before going to their new homes. The work the breeder does in this period is extremely important for your puppy and its further life. We do our best to give your puppy the very best start in life, before it arrives at it’s new home.



We breed carefully and always follow the Norwegian Kennel Club ethical ground rules for breeding and Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubs rules for breeding. This means that we breed only healthy dogs with no known disease, which has also been rewarded with a minimum of 2 x Excellent on shows.

Send us an email with some information about yourself (and other family members if any) and why you want a Rhodesian Ridgeback. We would like to know if you want to use your dog to something special, such as hunting or other dog sports, or if you just want a family dog. 

Contact us by mail: or telephone +47 95 83 85 87 



– Pedigree and registration papers from the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK)
– Purchase Contract
– The puppy has been wormed and vaccines according to the recommendations, the identification mark with a chip and has a health certificate.
– The puppy is insured in Agria against hidden defects.
– Food for the first few days at home and a blanket with the smell of mother and litter siblings
– The book “Din Hund – som valp, som unghund” by Sven Järverud and Gunvor af Klinteberg Järverud
– Puppy Meetings
– Life-long support from us with the opportunity to attend puppy classes, obedience courses and other courses that I have.
We wil wright in the purchase contract that we require the dog to have HD and ED-x-rays when it is about 16 months, and that you set aside time in 2014 to attend mental description (MH) at ” Arvika Brukshundklubb” in Sweden. It is important for us as breeders that you implement this, as this is a measure of how the combination has turned out and with a view to further breeding-plans.



Inbreeding on 6 generations: 0,29 %. See 6 generations pedigree here.
Download 4 generations pedigree for the litter in PDF here
Inanda Mellberg Athol Aramis By U
Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu

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