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56 days old

August 20, 2014
The time have flied the last couple of weeks, and I have had problems finding enough time for updating the puppy blog… But I have updated the C-litter page with photos continuous, and you can find a loot of photos here.  Maggie’s co-owner Hanna have stayed here for almost 1 week, and I have really enjoyed her company! I wish she could move to Norway 😉 Maggie was happy to see Hanna again, and when Hanna went back home, Maggie joined her as the pups was a couple days short of 8 weeks.
Maggie have been such a great mother to her pups, and everything from mating to delivery to raising her puppies have been as taken out of the books. She have been a protective and loving mother for her pups, always so cool and relaxed around them. She have corrected them and played with them in a very good way, leaving the pups sensitive for corrections and very playful. The pups are happy and social towards people, curious and unafraid, and have a wonderful and outgoing temper. I am very happy with how these pups have turned out, and I can’t wait to see how they develop 🙂 During this week the puppies will leave us, except for Miss Red which we are keeping at home and Mister Grey who we are searching the right home to. 
 MLH8101  MLH8115  MLH8272  MLH8313
August 20th, 2014|

43 days old and visiting my mother

August 11, 2014
When the puppies was 43 days old we took them to a visit in my mum’s garden, as we always do with our pups. And like always, they had a great time playing and exploring a new place. Some photos can bee seen under, or more photos here
 MLH7310  MLH7334  MLH7332  MLH7271
August 11th, 2014|

Puppies 42 days old

August 6, 2014
The puppies have already turned 42 days old, 6 weeks, and with these 10 rascals in the house you don’t need to wonder what you should do with your time 😉 They are up around 06.00, then they eat outside if the weather allows it while I clean the puppy box after the nights escapades. Then they run around outside in the garden, before we all take a nap inside to next feeding time around 11.00. Then, if the weather is ok they stay outside in the garden, playing, having visitors, taking a drive in the car, going for excursions etc, and having another feeding around 15.30, until the last feeding around 20.00. Then they usually run around like crazy outside, and inside in the puppy box, before they fall asleep literally where they stand 🙂 During the night I wake up a couple of times from the puppies running around and playing, but when the clock are getting closer to 06.00 I know that there is nothing else to do when they are awake, than get out of the bed and start the day. We also try to give each puppy some alone time with us every day, just be able to explore the house on their own, spending time with us alone, walking around outside the fences together with us etc. Their personalities are also starting to show more and more, and I can sit for hours just watching them explore the world and learning how to use their language around Maggie, Isi and grandfather Sheriff, which by the way isn’t that impressed by them 😉 
I update the C-litter page with photos every now and then. 
1brown MLH6881 2green MLH6900 3blue MLH6944 4orange MLH6987 5purple MLH7119 6pink MLH7032 7grey MLH7093 8red MLH7172 10yellow MLH7248
August 6th, 2014|

Puppies 35 days old

July 31, 2014
New stacks of our 35 days old puppies can bee seen under, as well as head shots here. The puppies are such sweeties and we looking forward to get to know their personality during the next 3 weeks 🙂
1brown MLH6424 2green MLH6450 3blue MLH6462 4orange MLH6472 5purple MLH6576 6pink MLH6488 7grey MLH6597 8red MLH6513 9black MLH6534 10yellow MLH6558
July 31st, 2014|

28 days old and new stacks

July 24, 2014
We have taken new stacked photos of the puppies at 28 days of age, 4 weeks old. I think they are all developing nicely in exterior and to my joy they also develop the way I like in mentaity and mischief 😉
1brown MLH5890 2green MLH5931 3blue MLH5948 4orange MLH5977 5purple MLH5996 6pink MLH6009 7grey MLH6107 8red MLH6051 9black MLH6069 10yellow MLH6093
July 24th, 2014|

23 days old and first stacks!

July 18, 2014
Our puppies are 23 days old today, and they have moved dowstairs to a larger puppy pen in our livingroom. Now they have more room to explore and move around, more sounds and smells  and generally more impressions. It’s also easier for us to keep an eye on them at all time. They are all gaining weight and developing like they should. Some of them have learned to use their voice, and use it a lot 🙂 They have started getting their teeth, and they are now getting solid food once a day. In a couple of days time we will increase it to two times per day. Maggie is having full control of her little ones, and I am very proud of how well she handles the whole experience with having puppies. We have taken the first stacks of the pups, or at least tried to have them on the table to see if we can get an idea of their exterior, and also taken new head shots. See the photos here (21 days), as well as some mixed photos from the last days. 
 MLH5676brown  MLH5717purple  MLH5734grey  MLH5746red
July 18th, 2014|

Puppies 17 days old

July 13, 2014
The puppies are 17 days old today, and a lot have happened the last two weeks. They have all opened their eyes and they are moving around the puppy box more or less standing on their feet. From time to time they look like drunken sailors, but it’s just how it should be 😀 They have all gained as much weight as they should, and they are calm and comfortable between feedings. Maggie have more than enough milk for everyone, so they are well fed, and feels like small bricks when we lift them up. Today they got to taste solid food for the first time, and it was a big hit! Maggie is a wonderful mother, and she handles everything herself, without any stress what so ever. In a weeks time we are moving the puppies down stairs into the living-room so they will have more noice, smells and other impressions around them. They would also eventually need more space, and the large puppy box down stairs gives them the space they need. We took some new headshots of the puppies today, see the photos here
We still have 2 males that are looking for their forever home, and if you are interested please contact us.
 MLH5321  MLH5426  MLH5344green  MLH5352blue
July 13th, 2014|

Puppies 5 days old

July 1, 2014
The puppies are 5 days old today and they are doing great. They have all gained weight as expected and they are developing like they should. Maggie is being a great mom, she takes good care of her puppies and have more than enough milk for all 10 puppies. Maggie is in good health, but at the moment she will only stay in the puppy box and she is loosing muscles. So I am looking forward to a couple of weeks time when she decides the puppies can care for themselves a little bit, while she joins us for a walk in the forrest 🙂 I did a thorough DS check today, and there was no DS detected. I update the C-litter photo album more often than the blog, and some new photos can bee seen here
 MLH5043brown  MLH5051green  MLH5066blue  MLH5076orange  MLH5085purple  MLH5088pink  MLH5096grey  MLH5100red  MLH5107black  MLH5113yellow
July 1st, 2014|

Maggie 59 days pregnant

June 24, 2014
Maggie is 59 days pregnant today, and the puppies can arrive any day now. Maggie is doing ok, but I think she will be happy when the big belly in gone. It is very heavy for her to walk and move around now, although she is in remarkable good shape. She has gained almost 30 cm around her waist, and around 10 kg in weight. She has settled in her puppy box and everything should be ready for the pups to arrive. We cross our fingers for an uncomplicated delivery with strong and lively puppies, and we will update our website again when the pups have arrived and all puppy buyers on our list have been notified. 
 MLH4850  MLH4852
June 24th, 2014|

Maggie 53 days pregnant

June 18, 2014
Maggie is 53 days pregnant today and she have gained 24 cm around her waist, and she will probably gain a little more before the delivery. I have not weighed her yet, but we will go to the vet for a checkup tomorrow, and then I will weigh her. The puppies are very active, and they can easily be felt when placing a hand on the side of the belly. They can also easily be seen moving 🙂 The pups have now reached approximately 80% of their birthweight and are about 12-13 cm long. They are more or less fully developed, buy need the last 7-10 days to develop. Maggies belly is very hard and she is having a harder time to find a good place to sleep. We have prepared the puppy box and the puppy room are ready. Maggie wants to sleep together with me in the big bed next to the puppy box, and also Sheriff and Isi wants to sleep together with us. So a bit crowded in the bed, to say at least 😉 
 MLH4708  MLH4663  MLH4741  MLH4755
June 18th, 2014|

Maggie 45 days pregnant

June 10, 2014
We went to Stockholm this weekend to take Maggie home with us before her puppies will arrive in the end of June. We had a wonderful time together with Maggie’s co-owner Hanna, thank you so much for your hospitality Hanna. We had a great time together with you!
Sheriff joined us to pick up his daughter, and before we headed home we went to the beach to let the dogs cool of a bit. However, neighter father nor daughter bothered to go near the water 🙂 Safe and sound at home, Maggie quickly got comfortable and she settled in well together with daddy Sheriff and “auntie” Isi. But Maggie is probably the new boss of this household 😉 Maggie has gained 14 cm around her otherwise small waist, and she is starting to feel heavy. She does not want to go for long walks, and are very slow while walking. However, she needs to be kept in a good shape and a nice walk in the forrest is just good for her. She sleeps almost the entire day and is very calm and cosy. We are counting the days until the puppies will arrive now, and soon we are putting up the puppy box so Maggie can get comfortable in her whelping box. 
45days  MLH4490  MLH4498  MLH4238
June 10th, 2014|

Pregnancy confirmed

May 21, 2014
We are happy to announce that Maggie is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound and we are expecting puppies in week 26. We are very much looking forward to this litter, and it will be very special with the first 2.generation Wayosi litter 🙂
Maggie is doing great, she want’s to sleep an cuddle more than usual and have even left her foodbowl at one point, without eating everything. That’s not typical Maggie behavior, but it’s a good sign of pregnancy. Her tits are getting bigger, and her belly are slowly increasing. By day 34 the puppies have reached a point where they will start to grow more rapidly, and Maggie will start to increase rapidly around her belly. Maggie is moving home to us around June 8, and I will make sure to update you all with photos and meassures 🙂
maggie04 maggie01 maggie02
May 21st, 2014|

While we are waiting…

May 12, 2014
In 9 days we will do an ultrasound of Maggie, and we will know if we will have puppies this summer or not. So far we can’t tell anything just by looking at her, but she is very lazy and tired. On the other hand, she is always like this after her heat, so we will just need to cross our fingers and let nature take it’s course. In the meantime you can look at this very informative pregnancy calender to see how the fetuses are devoping in the womb. If Maggie is pregnant, she is 16 days pregnant today, and around this time the embryos attach to the uterus wall. The size of the embryos are approximately 1 mm, and in a couple of days the embryo will begin to form head and body, spine and central nervous system. The foundation is also laid for development of internal organs. In about a week the placenta will develop, and will provide oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and take away waste to be excreted by the mother. 
May 12th, 2014|
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