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The D-litter and their new families

June 21, 2015
Our puppies have now left us to start their new lives in their new families. It is sad when they leave, but on the other hand I am so happy with the wonderful families we have found, and I am sure they will be taken care of the best way possible! 
I have made individual pages for all the puppies, which can be found here. Congratulations with your new family member, and welcome to the Wayosi family 🙂
June 21st, 2015|

Leaving for their new lifes

June 16, 2015
The puppies are 55 days old today, and today the first puppies leave for their new homes. I can’t believe that the time has flewn by as fast as it has, but I guess the time flies when you are having fun 🙂 When you have 16 puppies at home, as well as 4 adult dogs to take care of, it’s safe to say that it’s not much time left to other things than keeping up with the puppies. I have been home from work since the puppies was 4 weeks old, and I am happy I have the possibility to take such long tome off work, and that I have a very understanding boss!
The puppies have grown for each day, and for each day they have shown more and more personality and temperament. We have taken them car driving a number of times, they have visited my mothers garden like all our litters get to do, they have been to the forrest, to my fathers house, to the beach, to my friend Camilla’s house on the country with 3 younger children and chasing around in our own barn which is a very exiting place for young pups. We have done everything we can to prepare them for the big world, and I am sure they will handle it perfectly. These puppies loves people, they are fearless and curious and they have a high drive for playing and carrying things around. Maybe they have learned a thing or two from the Airedales? 🙂
Look here for individual photos at day 42 and 49, as well as photos from the visit to my mothers garden.

  MLH7009  MLH6746  MLH6696  MLH6804 

Days/g  0  17 21 30 42 49
Purple 485g 1380g 1680g 2380g 4140g 5330g
Yellow 405g 1105g 1445g 2180g 4090g 5565g
Blue 495g 1535g 1900g 2745g 5095g 6600g
Pink 430g 1140g 1600g 2030g 3835g 5215g
Orange 245g 875g 1060g 1670g 3180g 4580g
Red 440g 1280g 1600g 2465g 4280g 5630g
Brown 420g 1370g 1680g 2425g 4695g 6450g
Green 495g 1405g 1635g 2330g 4395g 5870g
Black 395g 1315g 1610g 2385g 4335g 5560g
Beige 500g 1405g 1600g 2465g 4640g 6040g
June 16th, 2015|

32 days old

May 24, 2015

The puppies are 31 days old today, and they are doing great. We have made more space for them in the puppy pen, they have gotten a cage inside their puppy pen to get used to lying in a cage, they have gotten a “puppy gym” with a lot of toys and noisy thngs hanging down. They have also heard a lot of noise from vacuum cleaner, blender etc, and they were completely calm with it. We have started to welcoming visitors, and the pups sure loves all the attention and cuddles they get. We have also had them outside for the first time, and they loved it! If the weather allows it, we will have them outside a short period of time every day the following week. 

Last day we did the first stacked photos, together with weighing and deworming. See the stacked photos, as well as some mixed photos here

 MLH5002  MLH5330  MLH5361 10beige MLH5307

Days/g  0  17 21 30
Purple 485g 1380g 1680g 2380g
Yellow 405g 1105g 1445g 2180g
Blue 495g 1535g 1900g 2745g
Pink 430g 1140g 1600g 2030g
Orange 245g 875g 1060g 1670g
Red 440g 1280g 1600g 2465g
Brown 420g 1370g 1680g 2425g
Green 495g 1405g 1635g 2330g
Black 395g 1315g 1610g 2385g
Beige 500g 1405g 1600g 2465g
May 24th, 2015|

24 days old

May 16, 2015

The puppies are 24 days old today and we have moved them down stairs to a larger puppy box. Now it is time for the puppies to hear more noise, get more socialization and meet our other dogs. They have gotten their first taste of solid food, and they went totally crazy from the smell and taste of it 🙂 Now they get solid food 2 times a day, and Kiwi have started to educate them that the milk bar is not open all day long. Ninja is super interested in her new aunts and uncles, and spend time in the puppy box every chance she gets. I have taken individual photos, as well as a bunch of various photos that can be seen here

 MLH4200  MLH4239  MLH4730  MLH4723

Days/g  0  17 21
Purple 485g 1380g 1680g
Yellow 405g 1105g 1445g
Blue 495g 1535g 1900g
Pink 430g 1140g 1600g
Orange 245g 875g 1060g
Red 440g 1280g 1600g
Brown 420g 1370g 1680g
Green 495g 1405g 1635g
Black 395g 1315g 1610g
Beige 500g 1405g 1600g
May 16th, 2015|

D-litter 17 days old

May 9, 2015

 Kiwi’s puppies are 17 days old today and they have opened their eyes and are supercute! They are up on their feet, and moves more and more around in the puppy box. Kiwi is caring for them 24/7 and does not want to leave them for more than a short time. The pups and the puppy box are clean at all times, and they are well fed 🙂 They have also gotten their first deworming, and they was not very happy about that 😉 More photos of the puppies, as well as individual photos at 14 days old here

 MLH4163  MLH4175  MLH4198 2yellow MLH4067

Days  0  17
Purple 485g 1380g
Yellow 405g 1105g
Blue 495g 1535g
Pink 430g 1140g
Orange 245g 875g
Red 440g 1280g
Brown 420g 1370g
Green 495g 1405g
Black 395g 1315g
Beige 500g 1405g
May 9th, 2015|

RR puppies 10 days old

May 2, 2015

Our 10 ridgeback puppies are doing great, and Kiwi cares for them and makes sure that everyone are fed and cleaned up. Everyone has gained weight as they should, even the little Miss Orange that weighed only 245g at birth. As it looks like now, all the puppies from this litter are sold. I have added some individuals photos of the pups 7 days old, as well as some photos from the latest days here. Soon they will open their eyes, be more mobile and move around in the puppy box, and soon enough they will keep us on our toes 😉

6red MLH3684 4pink MLH3753  MLH3725  MLH3729

May 2nd, 2015|

2 days old and new photos

April 26, 2015

The puppies are doing great and everyone are gaining weight and developing like they should. Kiwi is a caring and good mother, and does not want to leave the puppy box for other than short walks outside. Just like it should be the first days, and in a week or so I guess she will leave them for a longer period of time to be with us in the living room etc. More photos can be seen at the bottom of the page here.

  MLH3524  MLH3528 1purple MLH3504 8green MLH3516

April 26th, 2015|

We welcome 10 little wonders to the world

April 23, 2015

Yesterday, on day 61 on her pregnancy, Kiwi decided it was time for our D-litter to enter the world. Kiwi had a very smooth and fast delivery, and delivered 10 puppies in just a couple of hours. We now have 10 puppies in the puppy box, 6 females and 4 boys. 3 correct females, 2 females with extra crowns, 1 female with single crown and 4 correct boys. First DS check ok, no kinked tails at this point and minimal white. We haven’t contacted all interested on our puppy list yet, but we will contact you shortly 🙂

Ninja got to look at the puppies when Kiwi was outside, and she is so curious about the littles ones, and just want to look at them and smell them, every chance she gets 🙂

#1 – Female, 485 grams. Correct. Purple collar
#2 – Female, 406 grams. Multi crown. Yellow collar. 
#3 – Male, 495 grams. Correct. Blue collar
#4 – Female, 430 grams. Multi crown. Pink collar. 
#5 – Female, 245 grams. Correct. Orange collar. 
#6 – Female, 440 grams. Correct. Red collar. 
#7 – Female, 420 grams. Single crown. Brown collar. 
#8 – Male, 495 grams. Correct. Green collar. 
#9 – Male, 395 grams. Correct. Black collar. 
#10 – Male, 500 grams. Correct. Beige collar. 

 MLH3400_dag60  MLH3422  MLH3424  MLH3419

April 23rd, 2015|

One week to go before Kiwi’s puppies are due!

April 17, 2015

Today it is exactly 1 week until Kiwi’s puppies are due, counted from the first day of mating. It means the puppies can come anytime starting from 3 days from now. Kiwi moved in to us last weekend, and have settled in nicely, as she always does. She is getting bigger almost by the day now, and I can see that she is starting to get a little tired. We can’t wait to see what she is hiding in there 🙂 

 MLH3295 Dag51  MLH3330 Dag53  MLH3372 dag56  MLH3378 dag56

April 17th, 2015|

Yes she is!

March 16, 2015

We have had our suspicions for a while, as Kiwi have shown all signs of pregnancy, and indeed she is pregnant! Ultrasound today shows that she is carrying a nice size litter, and we look forward to see what she is hiding in her belly around week 17.

March 16th, 2015|

Is she pregnant or is she not?

March 11, 2015

Kiwi is today hopefully 19 days pregnant with our D-litter, but we can’t know for sure before ultrasound at around 24 days. She has shown a couple of signs though, as larger and more pink nipples, she has been more tired and slower, as well as a little less intense on her food for a couple of occasions. Ninja and I stopped by to visit Kiwi last weekend, and Kiwi was as always happy to see us, and especially Ninja. They are so sweet together, and Kiwi is so loving and playful with her. A wonderful grandmother 😉


March 11th, 2015|

Kiwi is now mated with Kandy!

February 24, 2015

Kiwi and Kandy was mated February 21 and February 22, 2015. If everything goes as planned the puppies will be born in week 17, around April 23, 2015, and be ready to move to their new homes week 24/25. Kiwi and Kandy had two very harmonic matings, were they handled everything themselves and needed no support or help from us. I love when the matings are as natural as this! Kiwi’s granddaughter Ninja also joined us on this trip, and she also fell in love with sweet and gentle Kandy 🙂 We will do an ultrasound in week 12, and untill then we cross fingers!

 MLH2372 IMG 2671  MLH2411 150224KandyE

February 24th, 2015|

Presenting our upcoming litter 2015

December 18, 2014
We are happy to finally present our upcoming litter spring 2015. We have had this planned for quite some time now, and we are looking forward to a bunch of little Wayosi monsters in our house again. Kiwi will have her third and last litter spring 2015, and the male we have choosen for her is Maidens Kalahari Kandy. A dog with a very nice pedigree with a lot of scandinavian history, beside having a balanced and suitable temper that goes well with our queen Kiwi. There have already been quite some interest in this combination, but we always welcome puppy buyers who fulfill our requirements and that will give a puppy from us the best life possible. Read more HERE for more information. 
December 18th, 2014|
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