Filippa Rouge Qwandoya ~ Shows

Filippa Rouge Qwandoya ~ Shows 2017-04-27T15:40:08+00:00
Date: February 19, 2017
Place: Bø, Norway
Class: Junior
Judge: Tino Pehar
Excellent 1, CQ
14 months. Good body proportions. Feminine head and expression. Well set ears. Excellent body structure. Very nice elegant neck. Good front and rear angulations. Very good movement.

Date: December 28, 2016
Place: Eidsvol, Norway
Class: Junior
Judge: Zaur Agabeyli
Correct type. Feminine. Very elegant and alert. Could have more clean power. Should have more dark pigment. Excellent feminine head. Slight arched loin.

Date: May 14 2016 MLH3219Place: Trondheim, Norway
Class: Puppyclass 6-9 months
Judge: Elisabeth Aune Moseby
BOB puppy

6 months. Good size feminin female. Good head, good expression. Good neck without loose skin. Good laid back shoulder, good forechest. Somewhat short sternum. Good topline, good width of ties, good croup. Nice angulations all over. Excellent bones. Nice ridge, still somewhat uneven in colors. Moves typical for age. Well presented.