SUCH Rex Ventor’s Hilandra
Kennel Dahidos


9 puppies born 13.november 2008
No DS or other faults besides from 2 kinked tails.
Name Sex HD ED Results Other
Dahido’s Laurentii Av Hilandra “WINSTON” Male A/A 0/0   Known Mentality Status, MH-test PicturesHomepage † 2012
Dahido’s Mundo Novo Av Hilandra “RAMSES” Male D/E 0/0  
Dahido’s Shakiso Av Hilandra “SHAKISO” Male       Import Norway
Dahido’s Mibirisi Av Hilandra “LOUI” Male C/A  0/0 Known Mentality Status  MH-test
Import Norway. Pictures
Unaligment and subluxations in his neck and hip was discovered by chiropractor January 2011, and this could be the reason for his x-ray result.
 Dahido’s San Ramon Av Hilandra “SANNI” Male        
Dahido’s Caturra Av Hilandra “ZAMBEZI” Male        
Dahido’s Canephora Av Hilandra “NEPHORA” Female A/A  0/0 Several Class Wins and Best Bitch placements, awarded several champion quality


Dahido’s Beloya Av Hilandra “BELLA” Female B/B 0/0



Dahido’s Aricha Av Hilandra “ALICE” Female B/B  0/0     
HIPS (HD) are graded as A-E. A and B are normal hips and clear for breeding, C-E are hips with dysplasia.
ELBOWS (ED) are graded as 0-3, were 0 are normal elbows and clear for breeding. 1-3 are elbows with dysplasia.