Hayawani Damisi Sikelele “Olivia”
Kennel Damisi


13 puppies born 23.mai 2008
No DS or other faults besides from 3 kinked tails.
Mentalitydescription for the whole litter here.
Name Sex HD ED Results Other
Damisis Abomey “EDDIE” Male B/B 0/0   Livernose. Kinked tail. † 2013
Damisis Aboisso “DIEZEL Male A/A 0/0 CAC, res.CACIB PicturesMentalitytest, (Video here)
Damisis Abidjan “REMUS” Male A/A 1*/0   Livernose
Damisis Abydos “SAM” Male ** **   Livernose, kinked tail
Damisis Azemmour “AZLAN” Male B/C 0/0 Excellent  
Damisis Assilah “SIMBA” Male       Small kinked tail
Damisis Alarish “ASTON” Male  †  †   Died 6 months old due to distemper
Damisis Amourj “RALPH” Male B/C 0/0 Excellent, CQ Mentalitytest, (Video here) Stayed in kennel
Damisis Arusha “STELLA” Female A/A 0/0    
Damisis Alminyah “TANYA” Female C/D 0/0    
Damisis Azizyah “HARISSA” Female B/B 0/0    
Damisis Ariana “TIISHA” Female A/A 0/0 Excellent Thakawi Kennel
Damisis Ambriz “AMBI” Female C/C 0/0   Stayed in kennel
*Diagnose probable due to a injury in the elbow when he was a youngster. He was limping and was treated for inflammation. This is most likely NOT due to heritage.
**Had an injury to his back, causing a nerve-injury. Inofficial xray was done, the hips looked very good
– HIPS (HD) are graded as A-E. A and B are normal hips and clear for breeding, C-E are hips with dysplasia.
– ELBOWS (ED) are graded as 0-3, were 0 are normal elbows and clear for breeding. 1-3 are elbows with dysplasia.    

The entire litter was tested in October 2009, and the test showed that this combination has been very successful in terms of mentality! See the protocol here.
The test showed that all dogs reacted more or less the same way, and you could almost use the same protocol forms for all dogs! No one really stands out from the others, but there are some differences, of course. They are all social, confident, playful, have lots of hunting instinct, and abreacts well in all situations. All are completely shotproof. They show little ability to aggression, moderate courage, but a large portion of curiosity. In many ways it’s probably the curiosity that drives these dogs, just like their father, Sheriff. This test was by no means a effort for these dogs, as it can be for some, but it was all just a fun game!

Breeder Petra got lots of complements from the test leader and judge for this litter. They had tested both whole litters and individual dogs of the Rhodesian Ridgeback, but never seen a litter that was so uniform, and showed such good mental qualities. So I’m incredibly proud and congratulates Petra and Jane with a successful first litter!