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The E-litter and their new families

June 21, 2015
The puppies have now left us to start their new lives in their new families. They have all gotten wonderful families, and that makes the whole prosess easier and not so sad. I am looking forward to following the little ones in their new homes, and I am sure they will be taken care of the best way possible!
I have made individual pages for all the puppies, which can be found here. Congratulations with your new family member, and welcome to the Wayosi family 🙂
The only puppy I have not gotten a photo with his new family yet, is little Mister Blue, which is now called Chaco and will stay in the family, and live with his great grand uncle Ecco and my father 🙂
 MLH7117  MLH7140  MLH7214  MLH7263  MLH7302
June 21st, 2015|

Soon ready for their new homes

June 12, 2015
The puppies are 53 days old, and that means that they are soon ready to leave the nest.. I can’t believe that the time has flewn by as fast as it has, but I guess the time flies when you are having fun 🙂 When you have 16 puppies at home, as well as 4 adult dogs to take care of, it’s safe to say that it’s not much time left to other things than keeping up with the puppies. I have been home from work since the puppies was 4 weeks old, and I am happy I have the possibility to take such long tome off work, and that I have a very understanding boss!
The puppies have grown for each day, and for each day they have shown more and more personality and temperament. We have taken them car driving a number of times, they have visited my mothers garden like all our litters get to do, they have been to the forrest, to my fathers house, to the beach, to my friend Camilla’s house on the country with 3 younger children and chasing around in our own barn which is a very exiting place for young pups. We have done everything we can to prepare them for the big world, and I am sure they will handle it perfectly. They are very sociable and affectionate towards people, they are curious and wants to explore the world, they are fearless and shows a very nice interest in playing and chasing toys. They have very nice grips, and hold on the toy with everything they have. 
Last weekend Harriet Rosenthal (von Erikson, breeder/owner of the puppies father Ayk) and Roxana Günther (von der Christinenheide, breeder of Isi’s motherlines) was here to spend time with the puppies. Thank you so much for coming! They had only good things to say about the puppies, and they helped me to look for the right things when deciding which puppy should go to which owner. I am happy to say that I have a litter of very nice dogs, and everyone shows great promise as working dogs, as well as family dogs. They are simply wonderful and I am so proud of them!
Look here for photos of Harriet and Roxana’s lovely visit, and here for individual photos at day 42 and 49, as well as photos from the visit to my mothers garden. 
collage7weeks  MLH6417  MLH6640  MLH6691
Days/g  0  17 21 30 42 49
Blue 385g 955g 1190g 1760g 3455g 4610g
Green 290g 790g 1050g 1580g 3150g 4230g
Red 350g 870g 1135g 1790g 3260g 4450g
Pink 355g 955g 1235g 1830g 3410g 4595g
Purple 355g 900g 1165g 1770g 3470g 4595g
Beige 380g 925g 1175g 1770g 3235g 4125g
June 12th, 2015|

32 days old

May 24, 2015

Today the pups are 32 days old, and they are getting more and more awake and alert. They are still very quiet, more than the ridgebacks, but in return they growl a lot more 🙂 They have gotten a cage inside the puppy pen, gotten a larger puppy pen and yesterday they also had their first trip outside which they simply loved! I have vacuum cleaned the puppy pen several times, and they are very curious about the noisy thing. But they are not afraid, and even try to chase it 🙂

As we can’t do any difference, we had to take stacked photos of the Airedales as well, even though these are not any show dogs. But they did well as was very cooperative. They look like they should look like, and I can’t wait to see how they develope! Stacked photos, as well as mixed photos, can be seen here

 MLH5024  MLH5371 2green MLH5085 4pink MLH5110

Days/g  0  17 21 30
Blue 385g 955g 1190g 1760g
Green 290g 790g 1050g 1580g
Red 350g 870g 1135g 1790g
Pink 355g 955g 1235g 1830g
Purple 355g 900g 1165g 1770g
Beige 380g 925g 1175g 1770g
May 24th, 2015|

24 days old

May 16, 2015

Isi and her puppies are doing great and it is quite special for us to finally have a litter from Isi. They are 24 days old today, and a lot have happened during the last three days. They have moved to a larger puppy box down stairs, they have gotten their first taste of solid food, and they have started to move around a lot more and are very interested in people. They focus more and more on what’s happening around them, and really appreciate human contact. Isi still keep a very close eye on the other dogs when they put their heads in the puppy box, but as long as they are calm and nice to the puppies, Isi is happy. I have taken individual photos of the puppies, as well as a lot of mixed photos that can be viewed here

 MLH4292  MLH4271  MLH4584  MLH4824

Days/g  0  17 21
Blue 385g 955g 1190g
Green 290g 790g 1050g
Red 350g 870g 1135g
Pink 355g 955g 1235g
Purple 355g 900g 1165g
Beige 380g 925g 1175g
May 16th, 2015|

E-litter 17 days old

May 9, 2015

Isi’s puppies are 17 days old, and they are doing great! Now they have opened their eyes, and they have started to stand on their legs and kind of walks around. They have gotten their first deworming, and I have already cut their nails 2 times. Isi is caring wonderfully for her pups, but she wants to go for longer walks and she begs me for some training! Supermommy 🙂 More photos of the puppies, as well as individual photos at 14 days old here.

 MLH4181  MLH4188 6beige MLH4048 4pink MLH4023

Days  0  17
Blue 385g 955g
Green 290g 790g
Red 350g 870g
Pink 355g 955g
Purple 355g 900g
Beige 380g 925g



May 9th, 2015|

Little Airedales 10 days old

May 2, 2015

Today our little sweeties is 10 days old, and everyone is gaining weight like they should and Isi is being the most wonderful mother you can imagine. Everything is just harmony in the puppy box and Isi is starting to spend more and more time down stairs together with us, instead of being in the puppy box 24/7. I have added some individual photos, as well as some mixed photos, here

All the girls in the litter has been sold, but I am looking for the perfect home for one of the males in this litter. I am looking for a loving home that will work with the dog, preferably in obedience, working trials etc, alternatively IPO. These puppies have an enormous pedigree, with many well known dogs behind them that have proven themselves as great working dogs generation after generation. Isi’s father Eyk von Erikson is the most merited Airedale thru times in IPO, and have great results from FCI IPO World Championship. There are also several police dogs behind these lines, as Isi’s grandfather Ilko von der Krebsförde. Therefore it is most likely that these puppies will have the temperament, mentality and health to become superb all round dogs, great family dogs in combination with great working dog qualities. 

2green MLH3651  MLH3740  MLH3747  MLH3748

May 2nd, 2015|

2 days old and new photos

April 25, 2015

The puppies are doing just fine, and Isi is a wonderful mother caring for her puppies in a wonderful way. These puppies will grow up with the best mother possible! I can’t wait to see the puppies grow up, and I am happy to see that most of them will go to active homes where they will foremost be a beloved part of the family, as well as a working dog with an enormous working capacity. See a lot more photos of the puppies 2 days old here

 MLH3571red  MLH3596  MLH3588  MLH3544

April 25th, 2015|

We welcome our 6 little miracles

April 23, 2015

Isi delivered her puppies yesterday, on day 61 of her pregnancy, and she gave us 6 little miracles, 4 females and 2 males. They are off course the cutest little Airedales in the world 🙂 The birth was easy and without any problems at all, and the puppies was born within just a couple of hours. Isi is an amazing mother and are taking such good care of her puppies. She is calm and focused on the task, and so gentle with her little ones. We haven’t contacted all interested on our puppy list yet, but we will contact you shortly 🙂

#1 – Male, 385 grams. Blue collar.
#2 – Male, 290 grams. Green collar. 
#3 – Female, 350 grams. Red collar. 
#4 – Female, 355 grams. Pink collar. 
#5 – Female, 355 grams. Purple collar. 
#6 – Female, 380 grams. Beige collar. 

 MLH3391_dag60  MLH3434  MLH3431  MLH3436

April 23rd, 2015|

One week to go for Isi!

April 17, 2015

Today Isi is 56 days pregnant counted from the day of mating, and that means her puppies are due in one week, at day 63. But they can come from day 58-65, and especially if her eggs wasn’t fertilized the first days after mating. So only time will tell! We have taken a sneak peak with x-rays at day 52 to see if we could count the puppies, and we think we could see around 5 puppies. This seems to be right compared with Isi’s belly, and her overall shape. She is in splendid physics still, and behaves just the way she uses to. Perhaps she is a little less playful with Ninja, and even more hungry, which I never thought was possible.. We look forward to see what happends the next week, and I hope for a safe delivery of the cutest little Airedales in the world 😉 While waiting, Isi’s coat was trimmed, and I may have taken just a liiitle bit to much hairs, but it will grow back, luckily 😉 Atl least it’s hygenic!  

150413Isi  MLH3318 Dag53  MLH3322 Dag53  MLH3351 dag56 

April 17th, 2015|

Isi is pregnant!

March 16, 2015

Today we did ultrasound, which revealed that Isi is carrying a full size litter! 24 days ago she was mated to the wonderful german male Ayk von Erikson, and we are so happy to announce that we are expecting their puppies to be born in week 17. Everyone that has gotten to know Isi can tell you they absolutely adore her, and she certainly is the perfect blend of family dog and working dog. Ayk is a big and strong impressive male with an enormous presence and working capacity. I just can’t wait to see what this combination brings! Read more about our upcoming litter HERE

IsixAyk Ayk3 Ayk17 Ayk21

March 16th, 2015|
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