MLH6028  MLH6173 red

Born in a litter of 5 females and 4 males.
Breed: Airedale Terrier (working-lines)
Born: 28/7-2009 VDH/KFT01/0140418
Height: 54 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Owner: Mona Hansen
Hips: A/A (free)
Elbows: 0/0 (free)
Eyes: clear (2013, 2016)
Faktor VII – deficiency: clear
Malignant Hyperthermia (MH): clear
Hyperuricosuria (HUU): clear
No allergies or other disease
Thyroid normal
Normal cardio




– Excellent, certificate quality and 4th Best Female at National show
– Approved Nordic working trials class D tracking
– 4 x 1.prizes in Obedience class 1 (Norway)
– 1 x 2.prize in Obedience class 2 (Sweden)
– 3 x 1.prize in Rally Obedience class 1 (Norway) – RL1
– 4 x 1.prize in Rally Obedience class 2 (Norway) – RL2
– 3 x 1.prize in Rally Obedience class 3 (Norway) – RL3
– Passed “Ferdselsprøve” (Begleithund-test) – BH


Isi is the most outgoing and happy little girl. She is just such a lovely girl to have around and everyone just love her. She loves people and other dogs, and she has never shown agression what so ever! She is a true workingdog that begs us for something to do all the time. When we work she is concentrated, very eager and a very quick learner, and could be rewarded with both food and play – she loves both. She is a soft and rational female, but at the same time she could be quite strong and crazy. She is settling into any situation easily and is completely uncomplicated. She did a mentalitytest (MT) at the age of 25 months, with a excellent result, and the judges asked if she could stay with them! 😉 See MT-protocol and Video.


Isi comes from very healthy bloodlines. There are more or less no problems with hip dysplasia in these lines, nor allergy or other diseases.


Wayosi E-litter 2015: 2 males and 4 females, more info here


PG 3, IPO3, FH1
Eyk von Erikson
Hobby von Morgenstern 
Athos von haus Schirmer 
Illo vom Abendster
Fee von Flaeming
Race vom Morgenstern
Poseidon’s Donald 
Scheffler’s Fash
Artemiss Finesse
Pitt von Monte Christo
Cay von den Eschen
Gitta von Dakapo
Xora vom Morgenstern
Jerry vom Morgenstern
Biggi vom Morgenstern
Gismara v.d. Christinenheide 
VPG 3, IPO 3, Policedog
Ilko von der Krebsförde
Kojak von der Heinrichburg
Kairo von der Heinrichsburg
Fanny von der Heinrichsburg
Caroline von der Krebsförde
Raudy von der Krebsförde
Quitta von der Krebsförde
IPO 3, VPG 3, BH, Körbericht, PLCH
Charlotte v.d. Christinenheide
Xanthos von der Heinrichburg
Nurmi von der Heinrichsburg
Hexe von der Heinrichsburg
Neele von Thekla 
Donald Duck von Thekla
Emely von Thekla



The parents

Gsimara von der Christinenheide is the daughter of my all-time favorite Airedale, Charlotte, and the polizedog Ilko. Gismara is a sweet girl, with a lot of motor and great nerves. Gismara was living at Christinenheide her first years, but is now living with Roxana’s sister Undina at kennel Von de Drift north in Germany.
Eyk von Erikson is the most winning Airedale workingdog off all times. He has particpated in the FCI WM (FCI world championship in IPO for all breeds), with a of 98 in 2006, of 108 in 2007, of 119 in 2008 and of 127 in 2009. A really great achivement, and this in competition with malinois, German Sheperds and other IPO-breeds only. Se some movies from FCI WM 2008 here and here. Link to his homepage here.
Gismara von der Christinenheide

Eyk von Ericson