Import from kennel von der Drift, Germany
Breed: Airedale Terrier (working-lines)
: July 28, 2009
†: September 03, 2020
Passed away due to liver failure
Titles: BH LP1 RL1 RL2 RL3 VDH/KFT01/0140418
Owner: Kennel Wayosi, Fetsund – Norway
Height: 53 cm  |  Weight: 20 kg
Hips: A/A  |  Elbows: 0/0
Teeth: Correct and full bite |  Eyes: ECVO normal (2013, 2016)
HUU (Hyperuricosuria): clear|  MH (Malignant Hyperthermia): clear
Factor IX Deficiency (Haemophilia B): clear|  Factor VII Deficiency: clear


⭐️ Thank you for everything, Isi ⭐️
28.07.2009 – 03.09.2020

Rest in peace the world’s best little terrier, they probably need an “auntie Cruella” in the dog heaven too. Thank you for everything Isi, you were everything I hoped for and 1000 times more. Our house is empty without you and a big piece is missing.

The I in Wayosi, there will never be anyone like you.


I waited a long time for Isi and from the moment I picked her up in Germany I knew she was all I ever wanted. She always did the best she could with an enormous will to please. Some times she made me crazy by always following me around the house and putting her nose into whatever I was doing. I just called her my little shadow, she was always wondering if I maybe would do something super exiting and she made sure she never would miss out of anything. If I was in the shower she was staring at me from the outside, if I was sitting on the toilet she sat down with her back against me so I just had to pet her. She loved to travel by car, and if I opened the car door she always jumped into the car, whoever door was opened and was ready to come along. 

Isi comes from solid German working lines, and her pedigree is very strong. Isi’s father Eyk von Erikson should not need any further introduction for the fellow Airedale enthusiast with his enormous success in the IPO arena and participation in FCI World championship several times. He is the most successful Airedale terrier of all times within IPO dog sports. Isi’s maternal grandfather Ilko von der Krebsförde was a successful police dog in Germany who also had the working titles IPO3 and VPG3. Even though Isi had a lot of successfull IPO dogs behind her, she was the most friendly and cute little dog. I have lost count of how many people who have met Isi and ended up with their own Airedale, even though the breed never was in their mind. She was just that kind of dog you couldn’t resist, she was the most happy and kindest little girl who always wagged her tail and looked at you with her dark expressive eyes.

In the training field and in the competition arena she was in her element, and often we got to stand on top of the podium. She was always focused and honest, and did her absolute best all the time. Our house is empty without her and a big piece is missing. There will never be anyone like her.

PG 3, IPO3, FH1
Eyk von Erikson
Hobby von Morgenstern 
Athos von haus Schirmer 
Illo vom Abendster
Fee von Flaeming
Race vom Morgenstern
Poseidon’s Donald 
Scheffler’s Fash
Artemiss Finesse
Pitt von Monte Christo
Cay von den Eschen
Gitta von Dakapo
Xora vom Morgenstern
Jerry vom Morgenstern
Biggi vom Morgenstern
Gismara v.d. Christinenheide 
VPG 3, IPO 3, Policedog
Ilko von der Krebsförde
Kojak von der Heinrichburg
Kairo von der Heinrichsburg
Fanny von der Heinrichsburg
Caroline von der Krebsförde
Raudy von der Krebsförde
Quitta von der Krebsförde
IPO 3, VPG 3, BH, Körbericht, PLCH
Charlotte v.d. Christinenheide
Xanthos von der Heinrichburg
Nurmi von der Heinrichsburg
Hexe von der Heinrichsburg
Neele von Thekla 
Donald Duck von Thekla
Emely von Thekla


  • Excellent, certificate quality and 4th Best Female at National show
  • Approved Nordic working trials class D tracking
  • 4 x 1.prizes in Obedience class 1 (Norway)
  • 1 x 2.prize in Obedience class 2 (Sweden)
  • 3 x 1.prize in Rally Obedience class 1 (Norway) – RL1
  • 4 x 1.prize in Rally Obedience class 2 (Norway) – RL2
  • 3 x 1.prize in Rally Obedience class 3 (Norway) – RL3
  • Passed “Ferdselsprøve” (Begleithund-test) – BH


6 puppies born April 22, 2015 at kennel Wayosi. 2 males and 4 females.
See more info HERE.
7 puppies born May 26, 2017 at kennel Wayosi. 5 males and 2 females.
See more info HERE.


Isi came from very healthy bloodlines and there are low incidents of HD or ED. Allergies or other skin issues is not very common, and in general the working lines are very healthy and have low incidents of health issues in general. 
Isi was a very healthy dog her entire life and never needed veterinary care other than vaccinations before she got into her older years. At the age of 9 we did a local mastectomy due to mammary tumor in one gland, and at the age of 10 we did another mastectomy on another gland. Fall 2020 Isi gradually started to show that she wasn’t quite well by vomiting and loosing weight. She also didn’t have the energy for the long walks. We did an extended blood test who showed highly elevated liver values and an ultrasound who showed an enlarged liver with non-homogenous areas. Due to Isi’s quick deterioration we didn’t go further with biopsies to see if there were something we could do. I had promised Isi that when her eyes no longer was filled with joy and expectation I would let her go, and that day sadly came way to early. 


MT (Dog mentality assessment) October 2015. MT protocolvideo