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Wonderful son of Sheriff, Sabaku Inus Chikako of Sheriff ~ Kiiro

December 31, 2014

When I was in Stockholm earlier in December, I was thrilled to meet Sheriff’s livernosed son Kiiro (Sabaku Inus Chikako of Sheriff) again, and his sister Akira (Sabaku Inus Chokoreto of Sheriff) for the first time. See some more photos of Kiiro and Akira here. He has such a wonderful personality, and a superb mentality to go with it. And in addition, he is good looking also, and moves wonderfully. I can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for this wonderful boy, and I am so happy to see yet another stunning livernosed male after Sheriff! This litter gave a bunch of happy, playful and easy going dogs, and I am happy that also the x-ray results came back excellent, as well as the overall health.

 MLH0846  MLH0829  MLH0825  MLH0927

December 31st, 2014|

Ninja at puppy show, and some winter activities

December 29, 2014

This weekend we attended this years last show, and Ninja got to have her second start in puppy class. As she turned 6 months old on December 26, she got to start in 6-9 months puppy class. She became 2nd in the class, and do we need to say it was only 2 puppies entered in the class? 😉 Anyhow, she behaved perfect, stood like a statue while the judge was looking at her teeth and feeling over her, and thought everything was just funny. Do I need to say I am very proud of my little princess? 🙂 She is just legs right now, and are quite high in the rear. Not the prettiest age, so I am anxious to see how she will develop the next months! And I hope her head will grow into those big ears of her!  😉

After the puppy show we went to the dog club where we had a fire, ate hotdogs and had a “christmas gift field search” for the dogs. It was Ninja’s first time, and she was completely clueless what to do. My bad 😉 But Isi, despite never had done it before (my bad again…) as always thought fetching was funny. Sheriff got to stay in the car, because he was freezing on his paws. At home I had to take some new photos of my little pack, and I actually think this is the first photo I have of them together! 

 MLH1383  MLH1362  MLH1380  MLH1353  MLH1462  MLH1519 141228Fetohk03  MLH1583  MLH1593  MLH1598  MLH1608

December 29th, 2014|

Merry Christmas from the Wayosies

December 24, 2014

Today at christmas morning we met up with Fia, Buddy and Nicki and went for a lovely walk. The dogs are now happy and tired, and ready for the christmas celebrations. Wayosi monsters are now ready to celebrate christmas with their familys, and we wish everyone a wonderful Christmas celebration 🙂

 MLH1270  MLH1339  MLH1291 141224Juno 
141224Aragorn 141224Fia 141224Hektor 141224Leon 
141224Buddy 141224Atlas 141224Nicki 
December 24th, 2014|

Nixon 10 months old

December 21, 2014

We had a very nice visit from Nixon (Wayosi Baby Can’t Drive) and his family last weekend, and I took the oportunity to take some photos of him. He is, just like his brother and sisters from our B-litter, a social, happy and kind dog and they all have similarities from both their mother and father. In january we are having a kennel get-together and I can’t wait to meet them all again.

 MLH1235  MLH1251 

December 21st, 2014|

Visiting Maggie in Stockholm

December 20, 2014

Ninja and I packed our car and went to Stockholm to visit Ninja’s mother Maggie and her owner Hanna last weekend. We had a great weekend filled with wonderful dogs and people, and I can’t wait untill we meet them all again!

On friday we first met up with Ninja’s cousin Anzantra Grim Nansison “Grim” (Wayosi Anything But Ordinary and Anzantra Nansi Namibia) and his owner and breeder Helena. Such a wonderful looking male with the sweetest temper! Can’t wait to see how he develops! On the evening, Ninja’s sister Crazy and her lovely family came for a visit, and it was so lovely to see them again.

On saturday we first went to Stockholm International Show, and did a little shopping and got to watch all the lovely dogs in the ring. On the afternoon we went to the “dog islands” outside of the city together with Linda and her dogs Keaton (Djungelkattens K-Nineridged Keaton) and Brun (That’s Obvious Absolut The Best) and Ninja got to meet a lot of other dogs. In the beginning she was not so comfortable with all the strange and big dogs, but after a while she was all over the place 🙂 I made sure to take some stacked photos of Maggie, and I just love the way she have matured during the last year, and after her puppies. She looks lovely, well done Hanna! 

On Sunday we went for some indoor obedience training before we headed home. I don’t have any photos from the training, because Ninja ate my cameras memory card the other day, with all the photos on it 😉 But luckily I had already saved the other photos taken that weekend, which can be seen HERE.

141214Stockholm06 141214Stockholm09 141214Stockholm28  MLH0978  MLH0984  MLH1056  MLH1086 141214Stockholm24
December 20th, 2014|

Planned Rhodesian Ridgeback litter for 2015

December 18, 2014

Our sweet Kiwi will have her third and last litter spring 2015, and we are looking forward to hopefully have the house filled with little Wayosi monsters again. Kiwi is 6,5 years old, and we have done a full health check up on her, prior to deciding if we were going to mate her again or not. She was found to be as healthy as can be, and we are happy to see that she is in a great condition after her two first litters. She is getting better and better with age, and she is still happy, playful and enjoys life to the fullest. At the time being she is flying to France with her co-owners, and are enjoying the french vineyards in her christmas holidays. We are hoping for some photo updates eventually 🙂  Information about the male will be published eventually, so stay tuned! We are very exited about this combo, and are hoping this will give us possibilities for the future also. 

There have already been quite some interest in this combination, but we always welcome puppy buyers who fulfill our requirements and that will give a puppy from us the best life possible. Please contact us if you would like to know more about us or the planned litter, or would ask to be placed on our waiting list.

December 18th, 2014|

Nixon received obedience bronze mark diploma

December 9, 2014

Nixon (Wayosi Baby Can’t Drive) and his owner Bente entered obedience bronze mark competition today, and they received 154,5 points of 180 with good points in all moments. This means that they gained Obedience bronze mark diploma (equivalent to Obedience class 0). Nixon is only 9 months old, and there are a lot of things happening in his body these days. But they made it anyhow, and I am so proud of them both and hope to see more of them in the obedience ring in the future! 🙂 Big congrats Bente, Nixon and family! 

141209Nixon 141209Nixon2  MLH0416  MLH0610
December 9th, 2014|

A little get-together

December 8, 2014
We had a little get-together at the golf course on Losby with Ninja, Poppy and Nicki Sunday morning, and on the afternoon we met up with Kiwi and her daughter Fia. The dogs was happy to run on the large gras fields. Sheriff also joined us, even though he managed to hide from the camera’s. I also got a photo of Ted relaxing, what a cool guy he is 🙂
141207Losby1 141207Losby2 141207Losby3 141207Ted
December 8th, 2014|

Wayosies photo update

December 5, 2014

I have recieved some photos of several Wayosies, both small and large and I am happy to see that everyone is happy, healthy and being good companions for their owners. We are enjoying every day with Ninja, and especially Isi loves to have someone to play with, cuddle with and play tug of war with. Sheriff is still not sure if the whole puppy-thing is such a good idea, but some days he for a short second almost plays with her. So eventually I think he will be just as happy about Ninja, as he is about his little princess Isi 🙂 Børge and Ninja have completed puppy class, and she seems very promising as my new working ridgeback. But at this age environmental training is also extremely important, so we try to take her to the city, going by trains, relaxing at the buss terminal during rush hours etc. Just like I did with the other dogs when they were small. Looking good so far 🙂

141202Atlas4 141202Atlas5 141202Crazy8 141202Crazy5 141202Crazy6 141202Kiito 141202Lucky1 141202Nicki1 141202Ninja2 141202Ninja4 141202Olaf5 141202Olaf2 141202Olaf4 141205Ted1 141205Aragorn 141202Leon
December 5th, 2014|

C-litter 5 months old

November 27, 2014
Our C-litter turned 5 months old yesterday, and it’s hard to believe how fast the time is flying! Now most of the pups have lost their teeth, and gotten new and stronger teeth. They are now weighing between 20 and 28 kilos, with the largest boys being in lead. Most of them have started second puppy class, and they are doing great! They are sweet and lovable puppies, but from time to time the little monsters in them show of quite well 😉 We are planning a kennel get-togehter in January, and I hope to see as many as possible then 🙂 I have stolen a couple of photos from Facebook..
Our own little keeper Ninja are also doing great, and she is a very clever little puppy, and so far she is fulfilling all my hopes and wishes for a new puppy. She is an eager worker, and learns very fast. We have already been training for a while, and at the moment we are focusing on heal, stay, down and fetching , which is going great, and she just loves it! I hope she will walk in the steps of her mother, grandfather and the rest of the 5 generations of working ridgebacks that are in her pedigree!   
 MLH0715  MLH0726  MLH0747 141125Kiito 
141125Atlas 141125Olaf 141125Lucky 141125Lillebror1
November 27th, 2014|

Sheriff Norwegian Veteran Winner 2014

November 15, 2014
Norwegian and Nordic Winner Show 2014 was held at Lillestrøm Trade Fairs this weekend, and I had entered Kiwi and Sheriff both days. We had a great time meeting new and old friends and ridgeback enthusiasts and the dogs was happy and satisfied by attending this “meat ball circus” 🙂 I am especially proud of 9,5 year old Sheriff, which won the veteran class with champion quality at the Norwegian Winner Show, giving him the new title Norwegian Veteran Winner 2014. In addition he was placed as Best Male 4, with a breed entry of 80! 4 weeks ago he removed his spleen in an acute splenectomy, but he has had a quick recovery and he is in a very good condition. I am a proud owner of such a wonderful veteran! ❤️
Sheriff by Helene Wrede Photo By Elena Kovalchuk
November 15th, 2014|

B-litter get-together

November 9, 2014
The “puppies” from our B-litter are now 8 months old and are starting to become young adults. I guess they have more or less reached their adult height by now, but still have some maturing to do in mass. Nixon and Buddy are both big boys, probably in the top range of the standard, while little Fia at the time being would fit perfectly in the Airedale standard 😉 She is probably not more than 55 cm, and weighing just about 24 kg. She was the smallest one in the litter when she was born, weighing only 250 grams while the other pups weighed around 500 grams. But she was a fighter, and without much help from us, she fought her way to the food and gained weight. But she never reached the others, and it seems she will just be a little girl. But what she doesn’t have in size, she compensate in personality 😉 We had a great get-together in the forest, where mum Kiwi also joined. She was as always happy to see her puppies, and was so gentle and at the same time very clear about who’s still in charge. More photos can be seen here

 MLH0483  MLH0468  MLH0465  MLH0509  MLH0519  MLH0591  MLH0662  MLH0687 

November 9th, 2014|

A little playdate with Lillebror and Kani

November 8, 2014
Ninja, Isi and I met up with Lillebror and Kani. Ninja and Lillebror had not seen each other since they were 9 weeks old, and they played happily together. We tried to take some nice photos of Kani and Isi, but the little rascals destroyed the moments by interupting and photo bombing the photo 😉 More photos here

 MLH0329  MLH0347  MLH0351  MLH0376

November 8th, 2014|

Puppy meeting with the C-litter

November 3, 2014
Yesterday we had a small meeting with some of the C-litter pups with walk in the forrest and a campfire. Poppy, Ted, Nicki and Ninja attended, and even if it was raining a bit, we still had a great time, and the pups got to run and play. See photos of the pups below, except for Nicki because her photos didn’t turn out at all this time 😉

 MLH0258  MLH0292  MLH0308  MLH0246

November 3rd, 2014|

Isi debut in rally and Ninja attend her first puppy show

November 2, 2014
Last weekend I had signed Isi up for her debut in rally obedience class 1 (beginners class). There was 37 contestants in our class, and we ended up as 11/37 with 185/200 points and first leg for class 2. I haven’t trained a lot with Isi lately, so she was not as good as I know she can be. But this made me want to compete more in 2015, hopefully collecting a few rally titles. This weekend Ninja attended her first puppy show, 4-6 months old. It was her first time for many things.. First time inside a hall, first time with so many unknown dogs around, first time in the ring and first time with a unknown person feeling through her. But she really amazed me, being so cool and so concentrated from beginning to end. She stood like a statue in front of the judge, and was happy and comfortable. She got a nice critique, and was placed as number 2 behind lovely Blondie. 

 MLH0020  MLH0215  MLH0229  MLH0055

November 2nd, 2014|

B-litter already 8 months old

October 30, 2014
The B-litter have turned 8 months old, and before we know it they are 1 year old! They are doing fine, and just like expected, the hormones are kicking in as they start to enter first puberty. They are kind and social dogs, unafraid and curious. They like to work for a treat, and they have completed several obedience classes already. Some of them are very likely to be seen in the rally obedience ring next year 🙂

141028Fia 141006Fia  MLH9473 141024Buddy01

October 30th, 2014|

More C-litter updates

October 27, 2014
I have updated the C-litter photoalbums here and there, wich can be seen on their individual pages. The pups are doing good, and almost everyone have started new puppy classes, after having the first 6 puppy classes with us. They have started to loose their teeth, and most of them have gotten several new and big teeth. The pups are social and happy pups, bites like pups do, chew on stuff and gives their owners grey hairs. Luckily they are very cute when they sleep 😉

141028Poppy 141028Olaf 141024Ted04  MLH9929

October 27th, 2014|

Updates from Lucky and Atlas

October 26, 2014
Two of our C-litter puppies, Wayosi Cannonball ~ Atlas and Wayosi Constant Motion ~ Lucky, resides in Bergen, wich is in the far west of Norway. Therefore we don’t get to see them as often as their siblings in our area and I am sorry for that. Thats’s why it is wonderful to see that they can meet up and have a small get together 🙂 Some more photos can bee seen here. They are both developing nicely both mentally and fysically, and I am hapy to learn that they are kind and wellbehaved pups, besides a little mischief every now and then 🙂

141008AH03 141008AH11 141008AH10 141008AH01

October 26th, 2014|

Backpacker dogs

October 14, 2014
When you are a little puppy, long walks could be tiresome. Then it’s good to sit in the backpack for a while 🙂 Also a photo of Ninja and Isi, the two new best friends.

141010Atlas 141010Kiito 141010Ted 141012Ninja

October 14th, 2014|

Maggie got another rally-O title!

October 11, 2014
A big big congratulations to Hanna and Maggie with their 3rd consecutive qualified round in Rally Obedience Graduate class (class 2), and thus giving them a new title – RLDF to put in front of Maggie’s name, Her full name is now RLDN RLDF Wayosi A Kind Of Magic. This with Maggie’s first litter being just 3 months old, and all rounds within the last month! I’m so proud of you both, your’e the best team!
October 11th, 2014|

A small kennel get-together

October 6, 2014
Yesterday we had a little Wayosi get-together and a total of 7 dogs had a very nice walk among other people and dogs in Østmarka. It is always so nice to meet up again, and I am looking forward to next time! 🙂

 MLH9804  MLH9859  MLH9820  MLH9811  MLH9849  MLH9869  MLH9875

October 6th, 2014|

Maggie is back in business!

October 2, 2014
With her 10 puppies being only 12 weeks old, Maggie is back in business and have had 2 starts in rally obedience graduate class (class 2) and both times with qualified result – and thus 2 legs for her RLDF title! Only one more qualified result to go! Big congratulations to Hanna and Maggie, and also a big congratulation to Maggies “big sister” Disa with her nwe title RLDF. We are very proud of you! 🙂

141002Maggie2 141002Maggie1

October 2nd, 2014|

Updates on the C-litter

September 18, 2014
Our C-litter is 12 weeks old today, and so far everyone is doing great. There has been times where their owners have threatened to send them back, but luckily the good times overshadows the bad 😉 The little ones have settled in nicely in their new homes, most of them have started puppy classes either with me or where they live, and they are good students. 
I have updated their photo albums here and there, and have been snooping around on facebook after some photos 🙂
140916Kiito2 140918Atlas 140918Olaf  MLH9229 
14092014-IMG 3480  MLH9202  MLH9191  MLH8972 
September 18th, 2014|

Time to leave the nest

September 6, 2014
The puppies are 10 weeks old now, and during the last 3 weeks they have moved to their new homes. We have kept Ninja ourself, Lucky and Atlas have moved to Bergen (west in Norway), Crazy have moved to Uppsala (Sweden), Lillebror to Sandefjord (2 hours from us) and Kiito, Poppy, Nicki, Olaf and Ted are living close to us. We have already started puppy class for the pups living close by, and the ones living far away have started their training as well. The reports from the owners have been very good, and they are reporting about curious, social, kind and balanced puppies, with just a little naughtiness in between 🙂 We wish all the new owners all the best with their new Wayosi monsters 🙂
 MLH7980  MLH8059  MLH8369  MLH8496  MLH8501  MLH8525  MLH8537  MLH8588  MLH8649
September 6th, 2014|

Introducing our new pack member!

September 2, 2014
We are proud to introduce our newest pack member from our C-litter! Miss Red was the one who had to stay, and she will be called Ninja while her pedigree name is Wayosi Chattahoochee. She is named after one of my favorite country songs, and her call name seems to suit her personality 🙂 She had that special something from the moment she was born, and during the 8 weeks with her, the connection was just to strong to let her go. She is a curious and cool puppy, scared of nothing and with that special dignity. We feel that she fits our family and pack perfectly, and can’t wait to see how she develops.
 MLH8614  MLH8639  MLH8886  MLH8904
September 2nd, 2014|

Hektor’s first litter is here

July 11, 2014
Wayosi Anything But Ordinary ~ Hektor have sired his first litter! The dam is Anzantras Nansi Namibia at kennel Anzantra in Sweden, and she gave birth to 11 puppies June 23, 2014. See more information about the litter on Hektor’s page and at Anzantra’s website. I am a very proud breeder of Hektor, as he is a mentally excellent dog, wrapped in a very nice exterior. I look forward to see this litter grow up, and I am sure these pups will be both beautiful and have a very good mentality 🙂
Hektor 140711Anzantravalp1 140711Anzantravalp2 140711Anzantravalp3
July 11th, 2014|

Happy 3rd birthday to our A-litter!

July 9, 2014
Our A-litter is 3 years old today, happy birthday to you all! I am happy to say that we still have everyone with us, and (nock on wood) no-one have been sick or had any health issues at all. So far very healthy dogs. I hope I can say the same in 3 years time 🙂 I hope everyone gets spoiled today!
alitter 3yearsoldweb 140709Leon1 140709Juno1 140709Juba4
July 9th, 2014|

The C-litter is here!

June 29, 2014
The C-litter was born June 26 and June 27, 2014 and in the puppy box we now have 10 wonderful puppies. There are 5 females and 5 males. Maggie did a fantastic job delivering the pups, and all pups was delivered without any complications in about 7 hours time. All puppies are at this point strong and healthy, and have already gained a lot of weight. Maggie is a wonderful and caring mother, and enjoys her little wonders. The boys have collars with the colors blue (ridgeless), green (kinked tail), grey (correct), black (ridgeless) and brown (correct), while the females have collars with the colors red (correct), yellow (correct), purple (correct), orange (ridgeless) and pink (ridgeless). More photos can bee seen here, and will be updated more often than the puppy blog. 
We have some available puppies, so if you are interested in one of these puppies you are welcome to contact us by mail (mona(at) or by telephone +47 95838587. 
 MLH4946  MLH4952  MLH4961  MLH4977
June 29th, 2014|