In cooperation with kennel Hunting Pride, we are planning a litter of Rhodesian Ridgeback spring 2023!

Hunting Prides Mayumba Mbali ❤ Juliagårdens X Marks The Spot

Hunting Pride’s Mayumba Mbali will have her second and last litter, and the father of this litter will be Juliagården’s X Marks the Spot. This is a male dog who has done an absolutely fantastic mentality assessment (BPH), he is an incredibly steady and fearless dog who is social and gets along with all kinds of dogs and other animals. These are exactly the qualities we were looking for when we had to match the wonderfully kind and good-natured Mbali. Mbali is the world’s most uncomplicated ridgeback. She is kind and good, calm and balanced, happy and fearless. Wilmer is a slightly more active type, but still just as confident and kind. We expect puppies that become steady and good ridgebacks, which can be suitable for all types of activities with dogs. Mbali has offspring from the previous litter who act as visiting dogs, among other things. In terms of exterior, we hope for medium-sized dogs, with good angles, good proportions and fine details that can do well in the show ring. Want to know more or be placed on our waiting list? Then please contact us!

Also, our wonderful boy Buck will sire his first litter at kennel Damisis in Sweden which we also highly recommend. 


We are planning Airedale Terrier puppies winter 2023/2024!

We are planning a litter of working line Airedale Terrier winter 2023/2024. Please note that we breed working line Airedale Terriers, and both working prospects and active family dogs would be expected in this litter. We are primarily looking for owners who wants to do dog sports with their dog, but active family homes will also be considered.

There is a big interest of puppies at the moment, and we recommend you to contact us early to be placed on our waiting list. Please read about our requirements for puppy buyers below.


If you think that you would fulfill our REQUIREMENTS FOR PUPPY BUYERS at the bottom of this page and would ask to be placed on our waiting list,
you are more than welcome to contact us.


♦ Who are you? Where do you live, what is your life situation, what do you do for a living, etc.

♦ What is your experience with dogs in the past? Have you had a dog before, do you have a dog now, have you practiced any kind of dog sports before, etc.

♦ What is the reason you want an Airedale Terrier/Rhodesian Ridgeback and what ambitions do you have with the dog? Do you want to train and compete in some dog sports? Going to conformation shows? Or do you mainly want a companion dog?

♦ How do you solve the puppy period in regard to the puppy should not be left home alone for longer periods the first half year or more? Do you have the opportunity to take the dog to work or in a car, family or friends who look after it, etc.?

♦ Do you have any experience with trimming coats from the past (Airedale Terrier), and how do you plan to solve this? Do you want to trim the dog yourself, or do you have a plan for sending it to trimming with others?

Iblant finnes det unge og eldre hunder til omplassering hos oss, og hos andre kennler.
Kontakt oss dersom du ønsker å vurdere en omplasseringshund fremfor en valp!

Look here for more information about our F-litter HERE. This is the last litter of our wonderful Isi.

We are expecting our next litter in the end of July 2017, look HERE for more information about our G-litter. This will be the first litter of our princess Ninja. 

If you are interested in more information, would ask to be placed on our waiting list, and think that you would fulfill our REQUIREMENTS FOR PUPPY BUYERS below, you are welcome to contact us. 


It is very important to us that we know that our puppies will have a good, active and permanent home in their new families. We believe that an active dog is a happy dog, so we expect that our puppy buyers understand that the dog will need mentally and physically stimulation throughout it’s life. We except you to understand that you have to put time and work into your puppy and young dog to get a well behaved and balanced adult dog, and understand that the dog needs rules as well as positive learning. Our puppies could by many be perceived as very active the first years, but with the right training the puppies will be easy dogs with humor and great attitude even in adulthood. 

We want to ensure that our puppies come to caring and loving home and who will keep in touch with us on a regular basis throughout the dogs life. We expect our puppy buyers to use time and energy to follow up their dogs versatility and strength, and take care of them and give them everything they need such as time and love, veterinary care, quality food, physical and mental training, attend puppy courses and further training. It is very important that our buyers have thought long and well on the responsibility it is to own and care for a dog. We expect that you set aside time for your puppy in the beginning. Before being left home alone for long periods, the puppy should become known in it’s new home, be houscleen and feel safe. You must have the opportunity to take a holiday or to have the opportunity to have your puppy with you at work (in the office, in the car etc) in the beginning. For the next few months the puppy should not be alone for a long time and you need to find solutions for this if you can’t stay home or bring the puppy to work.

The puppy must be socialized and trained so that it will learn to work as a family dog, and the owners must learn to handle the working capacity and self assureness in the dog. We demand that the new owners attend puppy classes and preferably advanced courses with the dog. This is the most important investment one can do when having a puppy and young dog and it will give socialization with other dogs and people. It gives an excellent and important starting point for a good working relationship and happy everyday life.

You must be able to give your dog quality food, veterinary care when needed, vaccination and insurance. We require that you give your dog a good and loving home, where it becomes a part of the family. We do not sell puppies to homes where they need to stay outside or in kennels. We also require your dog to bee HD and ED x-rayed between 12 and 20 months. We also require that you attend dog mentality assessment when the dog is 16-24 months old.


Our breeding plans is planned based on long-term goals and thoughts, and we only breed combinations and individuals we believe would give the types of dog we will own ourselves.  Mentality and health is our main concern, and we would never compromise. We believe that a dog with good nerves who could handle every situation being presented to it during working, hunting or every day life, also would be the perfect companion and family dog. They should be their families pride and joy, the protector of the house and the best friend to their owners and family.

Different quality assessments are used as a base for our breeding-program: mentality assessments, working-trials, exterior judgments (shows) and health controls recommended within the breeds. We want to preserve and strengthen the good qualities and improve what could be better. We don’t strive after breeding show champions, but our main focus is on mentality and health. We put the bar high concerning what qualities we feel fit for breeding. We want to see “Wayosies” happy and with loads of self esteem, dignity and attitude, unafraid and playful, moderate guarding instincts and with willingness to cooperate and please their leader. 

Our puppies are raised in the family. The puppies are raised inside our house, and are disposed to all the sounds, smells and impressions from a normal home. We also take our puppies in the car when they are old enough, visit other places, and let them get to know other environments than our home. We have many visitors as the puppies grow up, so that the puppies are social and comfortable around people. They are handled a lot by us, and learns that it’s OK to be turned on their back, picked up, having their claws cut etc etc. They will also meet children and other dogs. We play a lot with the puppies, giving them an interest for playing, grabbing and fetching. This would give the new owners a good start regarding obedience training, and also in a hunting situation were the dog has learned on a early stage that it is fun to retrieve. So many important lessons are learned at this age, and we do our outmost to give the puppy the absolutely best start of life before going to their new homes. The work the breeder does in this period is extremely important for your puppy and its further life. We do our best to give your puppy the very best start in life before it arrives at it’s new home.

We do our outmost to make sure the combination of parent dogs are a good one, and that the parent dogs are found to be as healthy as can be at the time of mating. We have searched the pedigrees and found the combination to be a good choice and we are doing the combination because we have high hopes it would give us healthy dogs, wrapped in a healthy body structure and with a healthy mentality on top. However, as we unfortunately have no control over the many genes that are involved in the process of building every single individual, we can not make guarantees that the dog will live a long and healthy life. Off course it is our goal, but every one with knowledge in how the nature works, knows that making a new life always will have some risks, wether it is with animals or humans. As with humans, dogs can be affected by a number of health-issues such as different types of cancer, allergies, locomotive disorders, immune disorders, disorders in the heart, different kind of eye disorders etc. Some issues are genetic, some are environmental, and some are a combination of both. Before planning a litter we make sure the parents are tested for whatever is possible to test for within the breed, and our puppy buyers could trust us when we say we are doing the mating with a clear conscience and a belief it will be a success. Still, in the end, only the nature can tell how the result will be. We are glad to say that we have been quite lucky with our offsprings, and even though some individuals have encountered health issues, the wast majority are living long and healthy lives. 

We breed carefully and always follow the Norwegian Kennel Club ethical ground rules for breeding.

When you buy a puppy from us you always get:

  • Pedigree and registration papers from the Norwegian Kennel Club (FCI member club)
  • Purchase contract
  • Wayosi puppy pamphlet (in Norwegian) with information and valuable tips for caring for your puppy and grown up dog.
  • The puppy has been dewormed and vaccinated according to the recommendations, gotten identification mark with a chip and has a valid health certificate.
  • The puppy is insured in Agria against hidden defects that are not discovered during the 7-8 weeks veterinary health check.
  • Food for the first few days at home and a blanket with the smell of the mother and litter siblings
  • Puppy meetings and kennel meetings
  • Life long support from us with access to our closed kennel group on Facebook.

We write in our purchase contract that we require the dog to have HD and ED-x-rays when it is between 12-24 months, and that you set aside time when the dog is 16-24 months old to attend dog mentality assessment (MH) or behaviour and personality test (BPH). It is important for us as breeders that you follow the requirements, as this is a measure of how the combination has turned out and it gives us a view to further breeding-plans. In addition, you as an owner will have great value to see how your dog handle different situations presented to it, and learn more about the mentality that your dog possesses.