The day started with a lovely weather, and it wasn’t that cold, only -15 degrees. The last weeks we have had down to – 32 degrees, and neither people, dogs or cats wanted to go outside. Well actually Isi didn’t seem to be affected by the cold, but I would rather stay inside! 🙂

Outside our appartement

We headed out to Hauger golftrack, but sadly the sun was hiding behind the fog. I was looking forward to a walk in the sun, and taking photos in the sun, but not today…


I do love the winter, but when it is so cold as now, some of the joy disappeares.. But I could live with -15 degress! 🙂


Sheriff runs as fast as he can

I’m coming!

Isi – the little monster


Love you!



Also crazy!

Sheriff with all his legs in the air

Isi is creeping up on Sheriff


creeping.. Look at her expression!

Cutiepie with snuff lip and 6 stitches in his left ear.

Isi creeping up on Sheriff

But he easily outrun her!

Sheriff has found some roedeer “treats”

A lady with moustache!