Here is a “couple” of pictures from the last month. March was a snowy, boring month, and not that much exciting happened….

Sheriff taking a nap on his new sheepskin. He just loves it, that big cuddly ridgeback..

Isi yawning

Isi always trying to run passed Sheriff..

Isi always starts creeping up on Sheriff when he comes running towards here.. A little GIF-animation of the attack…

Looking for Sheriff


Isi watching here bone..


A little crawling in the snow in honor of the photographer


Drop dead gourgeous Sheriff!

Hm? What did you say?

Soo typically Sheriff-expression.. Looking like Dumbo!

What? Food out there?

OK! First to the treat!

Isi is a little bit faster that Sheriff in the deep and cold snow

Sheriff wants the treat, but isn’t that satisfied of the situation…

Looking happy? 🙂

OK, empty!

Isi is struggling in the snow

And Sheriff also! I had to give him a big kiss after this! He is just so cute! 🙂

My gourgeous ones! Sheriff looks like having a rim of coat, but the collar and the rug pushes his skin uppwards! 🙂

And a picture of Sheriff looking ashamed after I took him in the act of stealing the kitchen-knife AGAIN! I just don’t know what that dog sees in the knife….

Looking so ashamed…

Isi found a treat in the corner of the porch-door..


This is what I see when I look out of my bedroom window! A flock of up to 9 roedeer. They have been here the entire winter.

Sheriff stands like this all day long! 🙂 He is whining and barking at them, and wants to go outside and chase them. But that is not allowed. Do I need to say that Sheriff has to walk in a leash outside our home at all times?