This year the Rhodesian Ridgeback speciality show was held at Oppdal. Over 100 ridgebacks was participating. Judge: Dorothy Grayson-Wood.

Sheriff wonder if I have anything to eat…

Sheriff and me in championclass. 11 dogs entered.

Sheriff showing of his movements


Sheriff showing his teeth to the judge

Soon to be 5 year old Sheriff. He has never looked as good as now! I think he shows power, strenght and health!

Thanzi best championmale, Sheriff 2nd championmale. Two males making some actions outside the ring! 🙂

Line up in Best Male.

Sheriff’s daughter Cleo, so much like her father! Showing of her excellent movements!

Cleo winner of Open Class!



I handled Rex Ventors Rakel in Best Bitch, behind us Cleo.

Beautiful Rakel


Me and Rakel. Rakel was 3rd Best Bitch with the CAC! 🙂 Congratulations owner Anne-Karin Rognerud at Chanjamaa Kennel!