Finally some pictures of our new home. A very cosy and old house in my homeplace Fetsund.

We have a lot of space, fields on all sides, and the dogs is so happy here!

We also have our very own barn, were I can trim Isi’s coat, or train obedience when the weather is bad.


Sheriff enjoying a treat

Isi also want the treat..

Sheriff took this years first swim May 17th. The water was very cold, but Sheriff didn’t seem to care..


Sheriff relaxing in front of our barn


Isi eating the lilacs…

Isi anjoying the gras

Isi terrorizing Ecco

And then she terrorize Sheriff… Poor dogs!

Haha, look at that expression on Sheriff! 🙂

Sheriff is happy to see me, and goes crazy!

But he is stuck in the leash…

That dog has 1000 expressions! 🙂