I have bought a new car, A Mercedes Vito 4×4. I now have more room for more dogs, and could also sleep in the car if neccesary when traveling.

Of course our stickers had to be placed on the new car also! 

Sheriff found the Frolic…


Sheriff almost exploding in excitement! Searching for treats is the most funny thing!

He also LOVE his dumbell, he could carry this thing around for a long time.

He also steals it out of my bag, and some times he steals in from the judge-table during obedience-competitions…


Because we loose them in the forrest, and Sheriff destroys them, I ordered 50! new tennisballs with squeeze from U.S.!

He also loves his squeeze-balls!

Best friends! Sheriff and Isi

Cute little Indie (Shavano’s Ms Indie) has been here a couple of days, and the three dogs love each others company! Here are som pictures of the dogs enjoying yet another lovely sunny autumnday. Indie is the brown one with the collar! 🙂

The trio out walking

Huh?? Ooops..