We were lucky to get a bed in Janne and Petra’s caravan, and it was so cosy and convenient to sleep close to the show-ring! The caravans was small, but as long as we got a bed to sleep in and such nice company we had a great time! We barbecued each evening, and had great laughts and a lot of good drinks.

In short, Sheriff and his offspring did great at the show!

Diezel (Damisi’s Aboisso): 1.quality, 2.winner with CQ in juniorclass

Ralph: (Damisi’s Amourj): 1.quality, 3.winner with HP in juniorclass

Tiisha (Damisi’s Ariana): 1.quality in juniorclass

Ambi (Damisi’s Ambriz): 2.quality in juniorclass

Sheriff: 1.quality, 1.winner with CQ in working / huntingclass, 10th Best Male!

With this placement in best male, Sheriff has been placed in best male class at the Swedish specialityshow 2 years in a row! Last year he placed as 6.th best male! 

Our cosy caravans

We wanted one of these, preferably one of the red ones!

Dahidos Canephora av Hilandra, Sheriff’s lovely 8 months old daughter .


Lovely movements 


Great body

Cutie Nephora. She got a nice critique, but did not want to show here teeth today, so she did not get a placement in the large puppyclass.

Me and Diezel (Damisi’s Aboisso)

Petra and Ralph (Damisi’s Amourj) 


Photo: Marie Holmstrøm

Diezel stands as a statue when the judge looks at his teeth

And so does Ralph 

Diezel with 1.quality, and 2.winner of juniorclass with CQ

Ralph with 1.quality and 3.winner of the juniorclass with HP

Caos when trying to stack the guys 


And the guys have to have a little play after behaving for a long time!

The daddy, Sheriff 

Worlds greatest Sheriff! 

And he can make some tricks, like roll around

Lying dead…

while rolling around! 

Sheriff in working / huntingclass

Photo: Marie Holmstrøm

I am looking confused? 

But we win the working / hunting class as the only one in the class with CQ

The lovely Sheriff! The judge commented that Sheriff was “the good old Ridgeback type”!

Sheriff and Me wonder what we have won. Sheriff wonder if there are any food there?

And I am pleased to win a Rhodesian Ridgeback white wine!

In best male class. Sheriff placed himself as 10.th best male! There was not many CQ’s handed out this day, and I am very proud of placing as 10th best male! This made Sheriff the best Norwegian dog of the show.

Ralph, Diezel and Sheriff.

Sheriff looking tired and bored.. Decides to lay down!

Diezel and Ralph 

 In the afternoon we decided to take a walk around the Tjoløholm Castle, and let the dogs take a bath.

Diezel was so exided to be in the water!

Tisha, Diezel, Ralph and Ambi got to run loose in the water, and they were so happy!

Look out, Diezel is out of control!

 4 happy Sheriff-children in the water!

 The happy familiy of 6! In front Sheriff and Tiisha, in the back Ambi, Ralph, Olivia and Diezel

 The Castle


Tiisha in juniorclass, rewarded 1.quality but was not placed. But she got a really nice critique!

Olivia in open class, rewarded 1.quality.



Olivia’s lovely expression



Sheriff against Moa in competition about “best working / hunting ridgeback”.

  Photo: Marie Holmstrøm


Moa wins, but she is a lovely bitch, so well deserved!

  Photo: Marie Holmstrøm