We had some obediencetraining with Ecco, Sheriff and Baltus, together with my sister Tina (9 years), my brother Amund (5 years) and my stepsister Madalena (14 years).


Tina, Sheriff, Me, Amund, Baltus and Ecco


Training “Fremadsending til ruta” – send away, dow and recall. Sheriff loves this excersice!

What did you say?

I am standing! Get here with the food!

I can lay down to!


And the best reward Sheriff can get – rolling around in the grass while I pet him!

Heelwork again

And send away one more time

Perfect positioning in the square.

Directed retrieve – the left dumbbells in the right of the picture

And Sheriff licks his mouth when he hears the command, thinking that he will get a treat!

Good Boy!

And then it was Ecco, and he is as always super excited to work

Heelwork – turns and turnabouts

Retrieving his toy

Happy dog!

Retrieving dumbbell


Training send away

Sheriff is very excited, and starts yawning.

Happy Baltus

Kissing his Mom

Sheriff traing heelwork with Tina

Lay down

Very nice!

Crazy? No, just happy! Sheriff is just a fantastic dog, he works with everyone, as long as they have some treats!

Amund is trying to train with Ecco, but Ecco rather wants to train with me!

And the strange Baltus loves to play with water!

– The End-