Everyone is searching for some treats one the ground
Isi loves people, and children is her favorits!
Developing nicely
Ecco has discovered our neighbours airplane..
And he run, and run and run.. I think he ran for almost 1 hour! Good condition traing at least!
Oops, the plane hasn’t got more batteries.. 
Isi and Baltus, our two german-puppies
Sheriff found him self a man who could pet him…
Sheriff in the playful corner.. 
Baltus want’s to play also
Dispite the big difference in size, they play very nice with eachother
And Ecco is running after the plane..
Some elk or roe-deer?
Walking with the children..
Typical expression for Sheriff!
Isi is very playful 
And have a lot of fight!
Isi is trying our old biting-arm for the first time! And she liked it very much! 🙂 
A little collage!