Isi 4 months old and her coat is completely grown out
4 months
Sheriff with his new collar and cutie Millie
Sheriff gets tired when visiting my mother 
Isi 4,5 month, first trimming of the coat
Sheriff think the whole thing is just boring…
Isi half-trimmed, I have trimmed her back
Fully trimmed, and she looks very much like her mother and grandmother now! 🙂 I trimmed all the black coat because she should grow brown coat on her shoulders and hips.
Little cutie-pie! Her head is cut with machine, and looks a bit strange just now.. But in 2 weeks she should look good! 🙂
Isi and Sheriff relaxing together at home
Sweet Sheriff
Everyone cudling on the sofa
Isi playing with her new everlasting treatball
 Playing with eachother
Sheriff has become the biggest baby!