We have cirka 60 cm snow now, and the thermometer has passed – 20 degrees!
A lot of snow on the fields, and the roedeer have trouble finding food.
We went for a walk with our trainingbuddie Gro with here labradors Victor ( 7 year male) and Kelly ( 6 months female). It was very cold, about -15 degrees, so both dogd and people was dressed.
Sheriff and Victor measuring eachother, just to tell eachother that they did not want any trouble! I have to say I am very proud of Sheriff, he can walk with any male, and we have to remeber that Victor an Sheriff is two grown males with their own pac. Not many males is so nice with other males, and have the same excellent bodylanguage as Sheriff does.
Still quite high tail routing, but still language at its finest!
And then everything is settled, and we can start the walk! The puppies at the right, having a blast together!
Any roedeers there? Sheriff hoping for anything to chase around each turn..
What are they looking at? Sheriff as always in the front, but Victor wants to be close to us.
Sheriff and Kelly
Kelly and Isi
The very best dog in the world, THE VERY BEST SHERIFF!
Poor Kelly is beeing bullied by Isi..
What did you say??
I am coming!