The happening of the year in the Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club was finally here, and we had been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time. We had 5 dogs from our A-litter entered, as well as daddy Sheriff and mum Kiwi. We spent the days around the ring with lovely people and dogs, and had an even greater time celebrating, eating, drinking and laughing almost all night long ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks to all lovely people involved in this fantastic weekend!
Juniorclass males
– Wayosi Ambitions By Cheriff “LEON” – Very Good
– Wayosi Achy Breaky Heart (l) “KANI” – Good
Championclass males
– Kuzonga’s Cheriff “SHERIFF” – Excellent
– Wayosi Amazing Graze (l) “VARGA” – Excellent 3
– Wayosi Another Sunny Day “JUNO” – Excellent
– Wayosi All That Jazz (l) “JUBA” – Excellent 1, CQ, Best Bitch 2, res.CAC!!! LaughingLaughing
– Tappinkis Peach And Passion (l) “KIWI” – Excellent 1, CQ
So Juba topped this already amazing weekend of by going Best Bitch 2 with res.CAC, only 10 months old! It’s unreal, and a absolutely amazing feeling seeing my own kennel-name on the winnerslist! Even if we had some nice results, I was so happy to see how nice tempered these dogs are. All 5 juniors entered the ring without any concerns, they behaved beautifully and had an amazing contact with their handlers/owners. They stood like statues when the judge examined them, and wagged their tails happily. I could not ask for more! Varga had never met her handler before, they trained for 5 minutes, and Varga acted like she had known Gunn Tove for ever! This is exactly the types of dogs I want to breed!!
   MLH5157  Leon
 MLH5161    Leon – happy as always! He always have this happy attitide towards the judge, and I just LOVE it! This is how it should be! 
 MLH5164  Leon
 MLH5172  Leon
 MLH5175  Leon
 MLH5186Kani and owner Ingunn. It was Ingunn’s first time in the show-ring, and I am amazed how well they did!
Kani had full focus on Ingunn all the time, and behaved like the wonderful little man he is!
 MLH5196Sweet Kani!  
 MLH5225 Kuzonga’s D’ Uncas of Embo
  MLH5235  Kuzonga’s Cheriff 
 MLH5253 Championclass males 
 MLH5261  Kuzonga’s Foenix
 MLH5263  Foenix
 MLH5268  Sheriff
 MLH5276  Sheriff 
 MLH5320 Sheriff 
 MLH5323 Championclass males line-up
 MLH5331 Lovely Kuzonga’s Foenix
 MLH5352 Kuzonga’s Cheriff
 MLH5363 At the end of the day on saturday, the Wayosi dogs and owners thought it would be a good idea to make a group-photo…. 
 MLH5368 It starts with Kiwi and Sheriff starting a fight over a treat…. 
Then Juba find some other things to do, and Leon goes hiding… 
 MLH5371But finally! ๐Ÿ™‚
 MLH5377 Sooo obedient! ๐Ÿ™‚
 MLH5378 And all hell brakes loose again.. ๐Ÿ™‚
 MLH5379 Cutie Juno at the barbeque on saturday evening
 MLH5388 Juno practicing to the show on sunday
 MLH5390 Behaving quite nice
 MLH5396 Standing pretty!
  MLH5401 Both mum Emma and Juno standing pretty, well done!
 MLH5402Juno doings some trix, like putting her head in Emma’s hand!
  MLH5414 Sweet Gunn Tove (friend and superhandler) and Varga in juniorclass. Varga had never met GT before she entered the ring with her and behaved like a pro!
 MLH5416 Juba and Juno
 MLH5417 Juba
 MLH5424 Juno
 MLH5430 Varga
 MLH5432 Varga
 MLH5433 Varga
 MLH5444 Juba
 MLH5446 Juba
 MLH5449 Juba
 MLH5454 Sweet Juba!
 MLH5456 Juba
  MLH5470 Juno
  MLH5483  MLH5485 Varga
 MLH5488 Varga
 MLH5489 Juba
  MLH5556 Kiwi
 MLH5558 Kiwi
 MLH5564 Kiwi
  MLH5584Championclass female line-up
  MLH5585 Kiwi
 MLH5587 Kiwi
 MLH5589 Kiwi
 MLH5594 Kiwi
 MLH5605 Kiwi
 MLH5612 Juba in best female line-up
 MLH5616 Kiwi in best female line-up
 MLH5617 Kiwi
 MLH5676 Juba is happy as always ๐Ÿ™‚
 MLH5677 We are slowing down the group, my little junior have to trot slowly, or else her kangaroo-genes kicks in ๐Ÿ™‚
 MLH5679 And we ended up as Best Female 2!!! Trine (Juba’s co-owner) crying a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚
 MLH5680  MLH5682  MLH5683 Juba
 MLH5684 Juba
 MLH5685 Juba
 MLH5695  Kuzonga’s breederclass