Maggie, “big-sis” Disa, owner Hanna met up with their friends Linda, Keaton and Caesar at the sand-pit.
20012013-IMG 7262
Maggie and partner-in-crime Keaton
20012013-IMG 7263
20012013-IMG 7264
Maggie and Keaton
20012013-IMG 7266
Maggie and big-sis Disa
20012013-IMG 7269
Disa and Maggie
20012013-IMG 7270
Disa and Maggie
20012013-IMG 7271
Disa sometimes want to send Maggie right back to Norway 😉
20012013-IMG 7274
Caesar, Maggie and Keaton
20012013-IMG 7277
Maggie in front with Keaton behind
20012013-IMG 7280
Poor Disa, never gets a calm moment…
20012013-IMG 7283
Maggie, who else 😉
20012013-IMG 7284
20012013-IMG 7289
Keaton and Maggie
20012013-IMG 7292
Keaton, Disa and Maggie
20012013-IMG 7293
Wonderful colors in this photo! 
Keaton, Disa and Maggie
20012013-IMG 7334
Maggie, wonders who to torment next…
20012013-IMG 7341
And Linda is the lucky one!
20012013-IMG 7342
First we box her a little bit…
20012013-IMG 7343
Then we try to push her down..
20012013-IMG 7345
And then we bite her. Perfect day for Maggie in other words 😉