Kani have stayed with us for 2 weeks while his owners have been to Mexico, and he will be reunited with them on wednesday. I guess there will be a very happy reunion for both parts. Kani is a sweet and kind male, and he obeys his fathers wishes very well. Sheriff is the dictator of this house, clearly inspired by North-Korea. But Kani thinks his father is the worlds greatest, and Isi is the perfect play mate. 
Sheriff is 2 months from 8 years old, and he is in great condition and well muscled. He have almost no grey hairs, and the older he gets, the bigger food-thief he becomes… For this reason my hair certainly becomes greyer 😉
MLH1877 Kuzonga's Cheriff "Sheriff" Wayosi Achy Breaky Heart "Kani" D' Isolde von de Drift "Isi"