We took the pups to my fathers house in the woods of Nittedal. They enjoyed to explore the new areas and they are a little handful to keep track of as they all walk in different directions 🙂
 MLH1006 MLH1007 MLH1008 MLH1010 MLH1012 MLH1014 MLH1015 MLH1016 MLH1017 MLH1018 MLH1019 MLH1020 MLH1021 MLH1022 MLH1023 MLH1024 MLH1026 MLH1028 MLH1030 MLH1032 MLH1034 MLH1036 MLH1038 MLH1044 MLH1045 MLH1065 MLH1066 MLH1068 MLH1070 MLH1071 MLH1075 MLH1082
Miss Pink stepped into my fathers greenhouse
 MLH1083 MLH1084 MLH1086 MLH1087 MLH1093 MLH1096 MLH1098 MLH1099 MLH1100 MLH1101 MLH1102 MLH1105 MLH1107 MLH1110 MLH1111 MLH1122 MLH1124 MLH1125 MLH1128 MLH1130 MLH1131 MLH1136 MLH1139 MLH1150 MLH1151 MLH1152 MLH1157
Miss Purple discovered the sandbox 🙂
 MLH1158 MLH1159 MLH1160 MLH1163 MLH1170 MLH1171 MLH1173 MLH1176 MLH1179 MLH1181 MLH1189 MLH1190 MLH1191 MLH1195 MLH1199
The puppy bags are ready for Sunday, when the pups will leave…