While Bissy stayed with us one more week, we went to meet the 3 pups that had already moved. It was great seeing them again and see that they have settled well in with their new family. 
Isi and Bissy
 MLH1416 MLH1420
Bissy and Fia
 MLH1421 MLH1422 MLH1426 MLH1428 MLH1429 MLH1433 MLH1434 MLH1435 MLH1436 MLH1437 MLH1438 MLH1441 MLH1442 MLH1446 MLH1450 MLH1456 MLH1461 MLH1464 MLH1465 MLH1466 MLH1467 MLH1468 MLH1470 MLH1471 MLH1472 MLH1493 MLH1494 MLH1497 MLH1498 MLH1502 MLH1504 MLH1515 MLH1520 MLH1528 MLH1529 MLH1531 MLH1536 MLH1538 MLH1584 MLH1652 MLH1665 MLH1667 MLH1674 MLH1675 MLH1676 MLH1679 MLH1693