Ninja and I packed our car and went to Stockholm to visit Ninja’s mother Maggie and her owner Hanna. We had a great weekend filled with wonderful dogs and people, and I can’t wait untill we meet them all again!

On friday we first met up with Ninja’s cousin Anzantra Grim Nansison “Grim” (Wayosi Anything But Ordinary and Anzantra Nansi Namibia) and his owner Helena. Such a wonderful looking male with the sweetest temper! Can’t wait to see how he develops!

On the evening, Ninja’s sister Crazy and her lovely family came for a visit, and it was so lovely to see them again.

On saturday we first went to Stockholm International Show, and did a little shopping and got to watch all the lovely dogs in the ring. On the afternoon we went to the “dog islands” outside of the city together with Linda and her dogs Keaton (Djungelkattens K-Nineridged Keaton) and Brun (That’s Obvious Absolut The Best) and Ninja got to meet a lot of other dogs. In the beginning she was not so comfortable with all the strange and big dogs, but after a while she was all over the place 🙂

On Sunday we went for some indoor obedience training before we headed home. I don’t have any photos from the training, because Ninja ate my memorycard the other day, with all the photos on it 😉