The puppies are 21 days old today, and they will get their first taste of solid food today. I will give one by one a little taste, and see if we can get them up on their feet for a little while, giving us the chance to have a look at their exterior assembly. This litter has not been bred in order to produce showstoppers, but like any other breeder we do enjoy looking at a moderate and balanced dog. So hopefully the pups would also have a nice balanced exterior. 

Ninja is a wonderful mother, and she takes such good care of her puppies. She is calm and relaxed, and really doesn’t need any help from us. Pippi is very curious of the puppies, and spends most of her time in the puppy room. She thinks the puppies are scary interesting, so she steps into the puppy box and quickly jumps out again when the pups moves towards her. I think she will be a great play aunt for the pups, just as Ninja was when we had the D-litter.