Even though Pippi lives with us and with our pack, she has a great relationship with Bente, Halvor and Turid who are the owner of Nixon from our B-litter. And because Bente really loves to train rally obedience, and Pippi loves training with Bente, Pippi has been visiting them every now and then for shorter and longer periods, and joined Bente at rally obedience practice. Together they have had great progress, and Bente and Pippi can now add two 1.prizes in rally obedience class 1 to their list! 

They got 188/200 pints and 193/200 points, with 5th place (of 20) and 4th place(of 20) respectively, and thus 2 times 1.prize and two legs towards the RL1 title. Big congrats Bente and thank you for taking Pippi to practice and competitions! We are very happy to be able to share Pippi with you every now and then!