We are happy to announce that Damisis kennel in Sweden are planning a litter during fall 2018 after Nixon (Wayosi Baby Can’t Drive) and their lovely female Dizza (Damisi’s Durdaana). They have both quite unique pedigrees, which gives a inbreeding coefficient on 0% on 6 generations. They have both done BPH (behavior and personality test) and MT (mentality test, Svänska Jägareforbundet) with flying colors, and they are quite similar in temperament. They are both social with people and loves to play with toys, they are completely unafraid with great nerves and good concentration. They both loves to train and cooperate with their owners, and are lovely working ridgebacks. At the same time they have the important “on/off button” that gives them the ability to completely relax when needed.We are so much looking forward to this combination, and we have high hopes that this combination will give us lovely Rhodesian Ridgebacks with the correct temperament, in a healthy exterior. 

If you would be interested in a puppy from this combination, please contact Petra and Janne Väljä at Damisis kennel.