This weekend we travelled to Sweden, to attend BISS-2018 at Öster Malma. Swedish BISS is my favorite dog show, and it is always a joy to attend. I try to attend this speciality every year, and there are always a great atmosphere around the ring which makes it great to be a Norwegian in Sweden 

I met up with Hanna who have Maggie and Fixa, while I had Ninja and Pippi with me. I haven’t met Fixa since she moved from us at 8 weeks of age last year, so it was a joy to meet her again. I can see so much of her mother Isi in her, but also her father Lasse and his mother Ivy. She is active and curious, social and playful, and so far just as a working airedale should be. In addition she has an extremely good coat quality, and superb body proportions which makes her fit for function. Looking promising! 

On saturday both Ninja and Maggie was signed up for attending obedience start class, and Maggie and Hanna went all the way to best ridgeback of the day! They also got challenge prizes for becoming best obedience ridgeback at BISS, as well as best female obedience ridgeback at BISS! Big big congratulations! They were missing some points to get their last leg for the start class title, but the heat made it difficult for both dogs and owners. Ninja had her first start ever in this class, and we hadn’t even been practicing that much, if anything… She wasn’t convinced that obedience was the best idea this day, and was extremely slow, but still did what she was supposed to, although in slow motion  

Maggies son from her litter at Kawanda, Kawanda After Work Rebel Rebel ~ Nelson was shown in intermediate class with excellent and did great together with his owner. Hopefully they will be seen at more shows in the future! 

On sunday it was time for the girls to be shown, and Maggie was first out in working/hunting class. The judge liked her very much, and she was awarded excellent 2 with CQ. Pippi and Ninja was shown in open class, and Pippi was awarded excellent 4 and Ninja excellent. In best female Maggie ended up as Best Female 10, in though competition with a lot of lovely females! 

Pippi’s critique: 

Well balanced body. Enough wide scull. Very nice neck and topline. Good ridge. Good front and forechest. Excellent rear angulation.

Ninja’s critique: 

Good length of body. Feminin head. Could have little darker eyes. Little bit short muzzle. Very good topline. Good angulation. Little narrow behind in movement. 

Maggies critique: 

Very nice female. Lovely head. Beautiful eye expression. Nice outline. Good ridge. Sloping croupe. Good front. In movement a little narrow behind.

I also got to meet Sheriff’s lovely daughters Dahidos Beloya Av Hilandra ~ Bella and Dahidos Canephora Av Hilandra ~ Nephora, soon 10 years old and in great condition! Bella was BOB in pet class, and Nephora placed 2nd with CQ in veterans class. It was so nice to see the lovely girls, and I can see so much of their father in them!