The Swedish Working Dog Association had combined the national championships for obedience, rally obedience, working trials, Swedish protection dog – amongst others, and organized a big dog event in the city of Ronneby south in Sweden. As it happens, this is Hanna’s home town (the owner of Maggie and Fixa), and we were invited to stay with Hanna and her parents while visiting Ronneby. On our way, I also made a stop in Helsingborg to meet Gandi for the first time since he left us as a 4 months old puppy. It was great meeting him again, and what a wonderful boy he has developed to be! Self assured, kind and friendly, and with a great size being around 65 cm and 39 kg. 

All the way from Northern Sweden, we also had the pleasure of meeting Elza and her owner Maria, for the first time since Elza left us as a puppy. They were cheering on a good friend competing in the obedience championship, and we got to spend time with them at the event area. Elza was just as cool and wonderful as Maria had told me she was, and she made me a proud breeder when seeing how unaffected she was with all things going of around her. Elsa, Chaco and Fixa made some head turns by being so cool and well behaved, and just ignoring other dogs almost stepping on them. On the other hand they were focused and eager when asked to work, never taking the focus from the job they were asked to do. Just like a good airedale should be!

On the way home we joined Pia and Gandi at Ljungskile national dog show. Chaco was not this judges cup of tea and got a VG, while Gandi had his debut in the show ring, did a great job and got his first excellent.