Breeding working line Airedale Terriers our goal is to provide Airedale Terriers for owners who wants to work with their dog in different types of dog sports. Maria Juslin and her Elza (SPHI SPHII SPHIII Wayosi Eimhir Elza, E-litter 2015) have worked determined from the very beginning, and have climbed the classes in Nordic working dog trials in tracking. They are now competing in the highest levels (elite class) in which they have excelled. We are proud to announce that they have been awarded:
🏆🥇 Nordic working dog trials – Terrier of the Year (2019, Sweden)
🏆🥇 Nordic working dog trials – Airedale Terrier of the Year (2019, Sweden)
Big congratulations, we are very proud of Team Elza!

📷: Martin Hoverberg, Richard Lundström and Maria Juslin