⭐️ Thank you for everything, Isi ⭐️
28.07.2009 – 03.09.2020
LP1 BH RL1 RL2 RL3 D’Isolde von de Drift ~ Isi

Whether a dog’s life is short or long, it’s always hard to say goodbye to your best friend. Today we had to make the difficult decision to let Isi go. This autumn she has gotten in increasingly worse condition and it turned out that she had poor liver values and an enlarged liver with areas that may indicate that the liver is no longer functioning properly. I have promised Isi that when her eyes is no longer filled with joy and expectation, I will let her go. And that day came today. Rest in peace the world’s best little terrier, they probably need an “auntie cruel” in the dog heaven too. Thank you for everything Isi, you were everything I hoped for and 1000 times more. 

I waited a long time for Isi and from the moment I picked her up in Germany I knew she was all I ever wanted. She always did the best she could with an enormous will to please. I have lost count of how many people who have met Isi and ended up with their own Airedale, even though the breed never was in their mind. She was just that kind of dog you couldn’t resist, she was the most happy and kindest little girl. In the training field and in the competition arena she was in her element, and often we got to stand on top of the podium. Our house is empty without her and a big piece is missing. There will never be anyone like her.