Our working Airedales have been doing some working lately, and I am proud to show off some of their results. These dogs primarily lives happy lives as family dogs and loyal companions, but thrives when being worked with in dog sports and doing what they were bred to do. I know their owners have put down many hours training and working their dogs, and I am happy to see they are getting results for their effort. Big congrats on your success, and well done! 

Wayosi Faolan Faye ~ Effie
Owner Anette Nielsen, Denmark
Obedience class 1 in Denmark: Two 1.prizes, official title LP1
Obedience class 2 in Denmark: Seven 1.prizes, official  title LP2.

Wayosi Faolan Finley ~ Finley
Owner Monika Frimand, Finland
Obedience class 1 in Finland: Three 1.prizes with official title TK1
Begleithund/Companion dog test in Finland: Approved with official title BH
Nordic working dog trials class 1 tracking in Finland: Approved with promotion to class 2, official title JK1.
Finley is even trained in retriever hunting with dummies and is doing a great job! 

Wayosi Faolan Fergus ~ Fiks
Owner Andreas Borud Evensen, Norway
Nordic working dog trials class D (class 1) tracking in Norway: Approved with promotion to class C.

Wayosi Faolan Faegan Kawanda ~ Fixa
Owner Hanna Karlsson, Sweden
Nordic working dog trials appell class (class 1) tracking in Sweden: Approved with promotion to lägre class (class 2).
Obedience startklass (class 0) in Sweden: Three approved results with promotion to class 1, official title LD Startklass.

Wayosi Faolan Ferris ~ Ferris
Owner Rune Horvli, Norway
Blood tracking trial, ordinary test, open class (AK): 1.prize and best dog of the trial. 
Ferris is being used in practical hunting and show great potensial as an allround hunting dog. He is used as an off-leash hunting dog in deer hunting with great success. He drives the deer towards hunters lying in wait, and show a great compromise between independent off-leash hunting dog with obedience towards his owner giving him a shorter radius which is convenient in the very harsh and steep terrain they hunt. He is also showing great promise in baying elk and hunting fox, badger and other small game. He has also put down a great application as a tracking dog for predatory game such as wolf and wolverine. I am so happy to see an Airedale being used in practical hunting, and I want to send a big thank you to Rune for giving Ferris all this great adventures!