So 2021 came fast and it flew away just as fast. Suddenly we are writing 2022. We are doing just great, however as a family with small children we experience that our time and energy is not what it once was. This webpage have not been prioritized for a long while, but I will try to make some efforts in updating it and finishing rebuilding litter pages etc.

We have always had all available information from our own dogs and bred dog available on each dogs page and on each litter page, but it doesn’t give a fast and full overview. I wanted to do something about that, and uploaded every single thing known to me about every single dog we have owned or bred into one excel sheet which is presented in a table for the Airedale Terriers HERE and the Rhodesian Ridgebacks HERE.

My wish is that every other breeder in Norway and the Nordic countries (at least) would publish a similar overview on their website or as file on their Facebook site. Only then could we have complete transparency and you as a breeder, puppy buyer or stud dog owner could learn what health issues occurs in the lines. And as we well know, those who states that everything is perfect and no health issues has occurred what so ever, IS LYING.


So with this we give you some photos of our life the last year.