In cooperation with kennel Hunting Pride we welcomed 10 little wonders April 1, 2023. We have 6 females and 4 males out of Hunting Prides Mayumba Mbali ~ Mbali and Juliagårdens X Marks The Spot ~ Wilmer. There are two ridgeless females, otherwise no other faults so far.

Wilmer has done an absolutely fantastic mentality assessment (BPH), he is an incredibly steady and fearless dog who is social and gets along with all kinds of dogs and other animals. These are exactly the qualities we were looking for when we had to match the wonderfully kind and good-natured Mbali. Mbali is the world’s most uncomplicated ridgeback. She is kind and good, calm and balanced, happy and fearless. Wilmer is a slightly more active type, but still just as confident and kind. We expect the puppies to become steady and good ridgebacks, which can be suitable for all types of activities with dogs. Mbali has offspring from the previous litter who act as visiting dogs, among other things. In terms of exterior, we hope for medium-sized dogs, with good angulations, good proportions and fine details that can do well in the show ring.

We have a few available puppies. Want to know more or want to come into consideration for a puppy? Then please contact Mona or Kamilla