Almost every dog from our breeding has attended some kind of DMA (Dog Mentality Assessment), and in the last weeks three siblings from our J-litter (Ninja x Aramis, 2022) have attended BPH (Behavior and Personality Assessment in Dogs / Beteende- och personlighets-beskrivning hund) in Sweden (…/bph-behavior-and-personality…).
Dingo, Navi and Majken have somewhat different personality and mentality traits, but common for them all is that they are easygoing kind dogs with great nerves. They show LESS fear and MORE curiosity than the average ridgeback. These are two traits that are very important for us, and something we strive for.
Dingo is a cool guy in every aspect, and there is not much that can upset him. His owner can also confirm that he is a delight to live with.
Navi is the playful and energetic one who enjoys people and scores with highest possible points for playfulness. She has loads of curiosity and handles scary things easily without remaining fear. Even though she is very energetic and playful, she is the sweetest and easiest dog to live with, with a superb on/off button and the ability to concentrate and focus. Lucky us who have this sweet girl in our close family. Navi will probably be the mother of our next Ridgeback-litter 😉.
Majken is a sweetheart who likes everyone, and her BPH shows her great social skills. She doesn’t really need a BPH to prove this, as she was selected as a blood donor due to her ability to stay calm no matter what. She is super brave and curious and solves all situations presented to her quickly and without remaining fear whatsoever. The tests can be seen on film, links here: DingoNavi and Majken 
Congratulations to their owners for having managed the personality of their dogs in the best way possible👌