☼: July 28, 2009
HD: A/A  |  ED: 0/0  |  ECVO: Clear
Height: 53 cm  |  Weight 22 kg
MH (dog mentality assessment)
MT (advanced dog mentality assessment)

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☼: March 6, 2012
HD: A1/A1  |  ED: 1/1  |  ECVO: Clear
Height: 62 cm  |  Weight 30 kg

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6 puppies born April 22, 2015
2 males and 4 females.

Isi is the most outgoing and happiest little dog I know of. She is a lovely dog to have around, and everyone loves her. She loves people and other dogs, and she has never shown aggression to either dogs or humans. She is a true working dog who begs me for something to do all the time. When we train and compete, she is focused, diligent and do everything she can to please me. She learns very quickly, and loves both the ball, rug and food as a reward. Sometimes also a good cuddle is ok as a reward for her. She is a soft and rational dog, which at the same time can be very strong in the head and loveable crazy. She has made a super mentality test, and the judges wondered if Isi could stay with them!  Everyone who meets Isi wants her to come home with them, and she is probably the most complete dog I ever get the honor of owning. Isi is sparingly competed, but the times she have competed she has done very well.

Isi has a very exciting and solid pedigree, containing many very good individuals. Isi’s dad Eyk von Erikson is the most winning Airedale Terrier in IPO of all time, and participating in FCI World Championship in IPO for many years, with several very strong results. He has a good health and joint statistics of his offspring, and many of his offspring are successful working dogs. Isi’s mom Gismara von der Christinenheide has been competed sparingly, but she is the daughter of our Ecco’s full sister Charlotte von der Christinenheide who have had an impressive career in IPO, and Gismara’s dad Ilko von der Krebsförde is a recognized police dog in the German police. This line also has an impressive statistic in terms of health and joints. Isi has an extremely harsh and hard-coat, with very good pigment. Isi is a excellent breed-representative, and I am sure she will contribute with lovely offspring whom will be great individuals to continue this line of working Airedales.

The sire of this litter is the german male Ayk von Erikson. He is 3 years old, and has only started his sports dog career with so far great results! However, he has been trained from early age, and shows extremely good promise in IPO-sports. He has passed his German breeding approval test and have also gained several Excellent at dog shows, as well as res.CAC. Ayk is a good size Airedale Terrier with a wonderful substance, being 62 cm tall and weighing around 29 kilos. He have a beautiful head, excellent ears, strong neck, good lay of shoulders, good chest and ribbing, strong back and carries his tail up but not over his back. He have a moderate rear angulation with well let down hocks. He moves with ease and elegance, and is very fast and can turn in the blink of an eye. He is a truly wonderful dog with an excellent mentality. He is very strong in his head, shows great willingsness to work together with his owner and have a super concentration on the task. He is living as a full familiymember at his loving owners, and they work with him on a regular basis. 

Ayk also have a wonderful pedigree, consisting of many of my all time favorites. Ayk’s grandfather is the lovely Dasty vom Treffenwald, of which I have had the pleassure of meeting several times. A wonderful dog in every way, which sadly passed away way to early in an accident in 2013. Dasty’s father Mike vom Morgenstern was born in 1996 and some say that he was one of the best dogs ever seen. He was strong in his head without no fear, but was a friendly and a fun dog out of the trainingfields. Dasty’s mother Bora vom Treffenwald was also trained and competed in IPO and also proved to be a great workingdog as well as a super familydog and brood-bitch. Her father Basko von Erikson was a highly recognized polizedog and produced puppies of high quality. Ayk’s mother Wilhelmine von Erikson comes from a very known and recognized line of working dogs. Her father Othello von Laubenhaid have an impressive amount of titles, and have sired many good working dogs. Wilhelmine’s mother Ronja vom Morgenstern have had a great sports carreer herself, as well as producing several successful working dogs. Her father Quanto von der Bukowina was also a great working dog, and have sired several top working dogs, as well as one of my favorite dogs Borax von der Christinenheide, Ecco’s halfbrother.

The combination of Isi and Ayk gives a pedigree consisting of high quality and top producing dogs generations after generations, and we are very exited to see the dogs from this combination.

The line have good statistics regarding health and joints. Ayk have a very good and harsh coat, with a lighter pigment than Isi, but still very very good.     

The puppies should as adults be mentally stable, healthy and easy family dogs, and at the same time have the little extra to work with. I expect puppies with a high interest for objects and a high instincts for hunting. Hopefully the puppies will have high curiosity, good nerves with no remaining fear and a moderate guarding instinct. I expect them to love food and be easy to lead, and thus be very easy to train with. I think they would be able to train and have fun with different types of dog-sports, such as field-tracking, hunting, agility, obedience, rally obedience, scent discrimination work, working trials and even IPO. Of course they would also bee excellent family dogs and companions. The puppies would probably need owners that would work and train with them in different sports/activities, but they should also enjoy a lazy day just relaxing and be calm when needed. As puppies and youngers they will most probably be very actice and sometimes give their owners some grey hair. But as a typical Airedale terrier, the dog would settle both in body and mind after 2-3 years, and then you are left with a wonderful companion with a sound body and mind.

Exterior wise I believe we will have puppies well within the breed standard regarding height and weight, and they should not be of the heavy type. Their heads should be beautiful, with lovely expressions. I believe they would get moderate bones and otherwise very good conformation. I guess that several of the puppies would be able to show themselves nicely in the show ring, and some would hopefully become champions.

Both lines are very healthy regarding joint diseases such as HD, ED and OCD. These lines should fit each other very good, and I believe in healthy dogs in any way. Both Isi and Ayk are off course healthy and have never had problems with skin, ears or paws. These dogs are as healthy as can be. 


Ayk von Erikson
Zander von der Heinrichsburg 
Dasty vom Treffenwald
Maik vom Morgenstern
Bora vom Treffenwald
Paula von der Heinrichsburg
Joe von Bodenhausen
Holly von der Heinrichsburg
Wilhelmine von Erikson
Othello von der Laubenhaid 
Kimon von Haus Schirmer
Lotte von der Laubenhaid
Ronja vom Morgenstern
Quanto von der Bukowina
Chary vom Morgenstern

D’ Isolde von de Drift

Eyk von Erikson
Hobby von Morgenstern
Athos von haus Schirmer
Race vom Morgenstern
Artemiss Finesse
Pitt von Monte Christo
Xora vom Morgenstern
Gismara von der Christinenheide
VPG3 IPO3 Policedog
Ilko von der Krebsförde
Kojak von der Heinrichburg
Caroline von der Krebsförde
IPO3 VPG3 BH Körbericht PLCH
Charlotte v.d. Christinenheide
Xanthos von der Heinrichburg
Neele von Thekla


Wayosi Eimhir Edgar ~ CHACO

Blue collar in the puppy box
: April 22, 2015
Titles: RL1
Reg.nr: NO42388/15
Owner: Kennel Wayosi and Trond Boye Hansen, Nittedal (Norway)
Height: 62 cm  |  Weight: 28 kg
Hips: A/A  |  Elbows: 0/0
Teeth: Correct and complete  |  Eyes: ECVO clear
– Excellent, champion quality, CAC
– 3 x 1.prize rally obedience class 1 (Norway) – official title RL1
MT (advanced dog mentality assessment) September 23, 2016.  MT protocolvideo.     
BPH (behavior and personality assessment in dogs) May 13, 2018. BPH protocol

Wayosi Eimhir Edmund ~ QUATTRO

Green collar in the puppy box
: April 22, 2015
Reg.nr: NO42388/15
Owner: Ann Helen Jemtland, Skien (Norway)
Height: 60 cm  |  Weight: 27 kg
Hips: A/A  |  Elbows: 0/0
Teeth: Correct and complete
BPH (Behavior and personality assessment in dogs) May 13, 2018. BPH protocolvideo.


Wayosi Eimhir Elza ~ ELZA

Purple collar in the puppy box
: April 22, 2015
Reg.nr: NO42392/15, SE44772/2015
Owner: Maria Juslin, Umeå (Sweden)
Height: 60 cm  |  Weight: 25 kg
Hips: A/A  |  Elbows: 0/0
Teeth: Correct and complete  |  Eyes: ECVO clear
– Excellent, CQ, reserve-CAC
– Dog mentality assessment (MH) 
– Approved obedience beginners class, qualified for promotion to class 1 (Sweden)
– 1.price obedience class 1 (Sweden)
– Nordic Working dog trials, tracking lower class (SPH1) (Sweden)
– Nordic Working dog trials, tracking higher class (SPH2) (Sweden)
– Nordic Working dog trials, qualified for elite class (Sweden)
– Nosework, approved scent trial 1 (Sweden)
MH (Dog mentality assessment) May, 2016. MH protocol
11 puppies born September 18th, 2020 at kennel Wayosi. 
4 males and 7 females. 1 male and 1 female stillborn. 1 very small and weak female died after 2 days.

See more info HERE.

Wayosi Eimhir Ellie ~ ELLIE

Pink collar in the puppy box
: April 22, 2015
Owner: Norunn Løkken Sundet, Oslo (Norway)
Height: 55 cm  |  Weight: 22 kg
Hips: A/A  |  Elbows: 0/0
Teeth: Correct and complete  |  Eyes: ECVO clear
BPH (Behavior and personality assessment in dogs) May 22, 2016. BPH protocolvideo.

Wayosi Eimhir Eyre ~ ALLIE

Red collar in the puppy box
: April 22, 2015
Reg.nr: NO42390/15
Owner: Kennel Wayosi and Juan Christian Pellicer, Oslo (Norway)
Height: 55 cm  |  Weight: 21 kg
Hips: A/A  |  Elbows: 0/0
Teeth: Correct and complete  |  Eyes: ECVO clear
– Excellent at exterior show
MT (advanced dog mentality assessment) September 23, 2016. MT protocolvideo.
BPH (behavior and personality assessment in dogs) May 13, 2018. BPH protocolvideo.

Wayosi Eimhir Era ~ ERA

Beige collar in the puppy box
: April 22, 2015
Due to a congenital injury to her tail, the 2 last vertebraes of her tail was amputated for medical reasons at 3 days of age
Owner: Astrid Pia Fjærvoll, Mosjøen (Norway)
Height: 58 cm  |  Weight: 25 kg
Hips: A/A  |  Elbows: 0/0
Teeth: Correct and complete 
– Very good at exterior show
BPH (Behavior and personality assessment in dogs) May 13, 2018. BPH protocolvideo.